Trump for President?

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When I spoke at FreedomFest this year, one of the big controversies among the 2,510 attendees was Donald Trump.

In fact, on the same day I spoke, so did Trump.

And what an incredible speech.

Among the groups of conservatives and libertarians, Trump gave some powerful lines that resulted in applause.

Listening closely, I dissected why Trump is so popular.

1. He’s spontaneous and quick. He basically says whatever he thinks. He listens very carefully to the crowds’ response and uses very powerful words to convey his message.

2. He talks in generalities on issues that he feels can get people excited and upset.

3. He avoids specifics, so he doesn’t alienate anyone on a policy issue.

4. He creates tension and humor throughout the talk. You listen because you expect him to attack. You laugh at how he phrases the attacks that contain truths most people would acknowledge.

5. He is entertaining, not boring. You want to listen, even if you dislike him.

He is also incredibly egocentric, self-absorbed and self-promoting. Everyone hears how smart, right and rich he is. He emphasizes he’s a great negotiator… over and over.

Donald Trump believes in big government intervention. He believes in socialized medicine. He believes in crony capitalism where he’s participated in favoring politicians and politicians favoring him in order to promote a business.

Conservatives hate these policies. But they applaud his conservative generalities.

Donald Trump is a populist, not a conservative. He uses the conservative label to be elected.  He recently calls himself a conservative. But that’s not his history. In fact, he was one of the biggest donators to the Democrats, giving more contributions to the Democrat than the Republican candidates, and was registered a Democrat until 2009.

One thing we know is that he stirred up this election. What about the other candidates? Well, the other candidates have been drowned out by Trump and unable to get their messages across. So Trump receives millions of dollars in free publicity that no other candidate can afford.



But is he who Americans need? Does he have the character? Does he have the policies?

As the election comes about, I hope you will participate in our poll and evaluate Trump versus the other candidates.

Here are the latest poll results:

Jeb Bush: 2%

Ben Carson: 21%

Chris Christie: 1%

Ted Cruz: 17%

Carly Fiorina: 0

Lindsey Graham: 0

Bobby Jindal: 3%

Mike Huckabee: 5%

Donald Trump: 2%

Rand Paul: 6%

Rick Perry: 2%

Marco Rubio: 4%

Rick Santorum: 0

Scott Walker: 36%

Bernie Sanders: 0

Jim Webb: 0

Lincoln Chafee: 0

Hillary Clinton: 0

Martin O’Malley: 0

Joe Biden: 1%

Andrew Cuomo: 0

Amy Klobuchar: 0

Brian Schweitzer: 0

Mark Warner: 0

John Kasich: 1%

Peter King: 0

George Pataki: 0

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  1. “Please” keep me up to date on the one Candidate that haves Christian Values. I surly don’t want to vote for the wrong candidate! I like what Trump says about Fighting Terrorism, and about our borders, and making our Military Stronger, and our Religious Freedom. IF it just came now to Hillary Clinton and Trump, I know I will vote for Trump. We already have a President that confess to be Muslim and his brother is in ISSI! And during his presidency and right now; he is bringing in more Muslims into our country by the Thousands! And he was not born in America.. I looking to vote for someone, that will fight these issues, and support Israel 100% and fight against Abortion; and Gay Marriage!! Then GOD will take care of us and the Prosperity of this Country. If Jesus were here today; who do you think HE would vote for?

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