Transgender Indoctrination of Our Kids: 5 Examples of Abusing Kids [Powerful Videos]

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There is an insidious evil that’s infecting the youth of this country, flipping logic, twisting values, and wreaking the moral fiber of our nation.

Good is bad and bad is good.

Morality is replaced by immorality.

Family values replaced with “anything goes”.

This evil first comes in the name of tolerance… which is the conditional acceptance of that which one considers to be wrong, but you tolerate it… it becomes tolerable, not necessarily accepted, and not celebrated as normal.

However, the far-left socialist’s definition of tolerance means “unconditional acceptance”, no matter the cost or the damage to society – It must be accepted, because they say so. If you don’t agree, you are the problem and must be eliminated or canceled.

The Biden Administration’s push to indoctrinate our children is in full-swing – All in the name of tolerance… Socialist left-wing “tolerance”.

One area they are really pushing is transgenderism, and a seamless fluidity between genders, which flies in the face of age-old societal gender norms – and science.

Although the mainstream has been relatively silent on reporting this “epidemic” of abuse of children that’s spread across the country, when it has broached the subject, it’s been nothing short of supportive and celebratory.

Here Are 5 examples of teachers and parents indoctrinating children in transgenderism:

Video Example #1: Gender Inclusive Biology Approved by the DOE

In this Department of Education training video for teachers, a trans teacher explains that “he teaches inclusive language like not everyone who produces eggs is a woman.”

Click HERE to watch.

Video Example #2: Texas Trans Middle school Teacher Proud to Teach Transness

In this video a teacher explains how she incorporates discussions about queerness and transness in the classroom.

Click HERE to watch.

Video Example #3: Male Trans Teacher Gets Validation from his Pre-School Students

In this very disturbing video, a trans preschool teacher, wearing a full bread and mustache and lady’s floral print dress, explains how he gets his gender identity validation from his 3-year-old students.

Click HERE to watch.

Video Example #4: Twisted Logic of a Kindergarten teacher Teaching About Gender Pronouns

In this video a very confused kindergarten teacher tries to explain why teachers need to talk about pronouns with their students… and fails.

Click HERE to watch.

Video Example #5: Self-identified “Queer” Teacher Hates Florida Bill

In this video, we see trans non-binary elementary teacher, unhappy with the new Florida law that prohibits educators from teaching anything about sex to kids under ten.  The teacher explains 3-year-olds are old enough to learn about gender identity, sexual orientation, and pronouns.

Click HERE to watch.

These are just a few examples of the disturbing indoctrination that’s pervasive in school districts across the country.

These are mentally disturbed people teaching our children to be neurotic, confused, and depressed.

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  1. I was going to watch these, but I don’t think I can. This is so, so sick! What happened to reading writing and arithmetic?? We were not talk 60 plus yrs ago how a woman gets pregnant. We learned that at home, from our parents!
    God save our children from this stuff!

  2. But its factually true what he was saying. Not all women produce eggs, and not all who produce eggs are women. Ovaries produce eggs, and -usually- people that have ovaries identify as women. But trans men can have the capacity to produce eggs and arent women.

    This is like discussing the color of the sky with someone. Everybody knows the sky is blue, but a scientist can accurately and truthfully explain how the sky actually ISNT blue but only appears blue because of light absorption. Likewise, a child raised in a place where it rains almost every day can observe that the sky is actually grey…because for them it usually is. All 3 groups are correct.

    Standard biology and science now recognize that biological sex and gender are two distinctly different things.

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