Transforming America: Purging Conservatives, Libertarians and Christians From the Military [Video]

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President Biden has appointed radical, pro-Socialists bureaucrats across the entire federal bureaucracy.

And that includes the Pentagon.

And it’s ultimate goal is a “cleansing” of the military from conservatives, libertarians and Christians.

And the recruiting of “social justice” pro-Socialist military.

  • A dangerous effort that is currently underway at the Pentagon
  • This is not just the woke military stuff you have been hearing about or an extremism stand down or even a CIA recruitment video [Watch this, it’s scary]
  • This is a purge of the Defense Department led by a new, and now powerful and very radical Leftist – a 1619 project activist and a hardcore “social justice” Democrat
  • This is a man who believes all Trump supporters are racist and extremist
  • And what should we do to racists? We must purge them.

Click HERE to view this video. It is one-minute long.

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  1. Not enough details are given. Who is leading this purge. How is it being carried out? What can we as citizens do about it?

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