The nation of Syria

The Refugee Crisis in the Middle East

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The terrorism of ISIS is causing millions to flee across the Middle East towards Europe.

These countries are having trouble accommodating such a massive surge of refugees, and the refugees are left vulnerable and desperate.

This situation is a prime target for those who prey on the suffering and vulnerability of others… including human traffickers.

In August, 71 Syrian refugees had been trafficked and were found dead in the back of a truck.

Last week, 12 Syrian refugees drowned off the coast of Turkey when their boat capsized.

It’s shameful that the Obama Administration has done nothing to stop ISIS’ spread of terrorism across the Middle East…

While refugees are flooding into places that can’t or won’t hold them…

While millions of innocent people are being murdered by ISIS or killed while on the run…

We must care about what’s going on beyond our country. We must pay attention to these tragedies.

And we must elect a president who will do something about ISIS.

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