The War with China No One is Talking About: 7 Shocking Things You Need to Know [Videos]

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War with China? Not long ago I was on Fox with Neil Cavuto talking about the challenge we face with China.

Under the radar, our challenge with China is in a sense a war that Americans don’t recognize.

While the mainstream news in the U.S. regarding China is dominated with talk of “Trump tariffs” and a no-win trade war, there are much more important developments occurring behind the scenes in the most populous country on the planet…

In fact, the greatest threat to America is not Vladimir Putin and Russia … it’s Xi Jinping and China.

We ignore this fact at our peril…

Here are 7 shocking things you should know about China and its ongoing conflict with the United States of America:

  1. China’s economy will soon surpass the U.S. economy and become the largest economy in the world.

The standard measure of the size of an economy is annual Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

Currently, U.S. GDP is $19.4 trillion … China’s is $12.8 trillion.

But in every year since 1987, China’s GDP growth rate has been several times higher than ours … so they are catching up with us very quickly.

They expect to pull even with us in economic output by 2020 … and to have twice our economy by 2030…

  1. China is stealing American intellectual property and technology at an alarming rate.

Chinese leaders believe the U.S. stole technology from Great Britain and from Germany during the Industrial Revolution … and that’s how we became the world’s largest economy.

They say they simply want to follow the path the U.S. did between about 1870 and around 1910…

It’s estimated that the value of U.S. technology and intellectual property that is stolen by China is nearly $600 billion annually … more than the annual profits of the 50 largest U.S. corporations combined.

They accomplish this theft in 2 ways:

  • by requiring technology sharing as a condition of trade with the U.S.
  • by investing in – or buying – U.S. corporations

For example, if Intel wants to get access to the Chinese market – the largest chip market in the world – China requires them to share everything they know about designing chips…

Intel’s stock price rises over the short term … but China – with their newly acquired stolen technology – beats out Intel in the manufacture of chips … to the point that the U.S. can no longer put a military warplane in the air without Chinese computer chips.

  1. China’s goal is to become the dominant economic, industrial and technological power in the world.

China has a multi-pronged strategy to achieve their goal of world dominance…

Externally, they’ve launched the most ambitious infrastructure project in modern history … spanning 3 continents and touching 60% of the world’s population…

They call it the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) … a $4 – $8 trillion economic belt and maritime silk road extending across Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

It’s designed to boost global trade with China by making it easier to move goods in and out of the country.

Over 60 countries have already signed agreements with China to allow Chinese construction companies – already heavily subsidized by the Xi Jinping regime – to build oil refineries, mines, gas pipelines, high-speed rail systems, seaports, etc.

One result of this massive Chinese investment in other countries has been that 7 of the 10 largest construction companies in the world are now Chinese…

On the home front, China is shutting out many U.S. companies from investing in China … by imposing:

  • their own tariffs of U.S. exports to China
  • non-tariff administrative actions applied to foreign companies desiring to do business in China
  • law enforcement actions that are only against foreign companies … especially in monopoly areas

China also uses a strategy called “cheat and repeat.” They promise to drop tariffs on imports of U.S autos … but then don’t fulfill their promise.

  1. China is building up its military.

This is another prong of their strategy to control global trade…

They recently built a naval base in Djibouti … in the horn of Africa near the mouth of the Red Sea.

Combined with seaports they control in Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Myanmar, China is creating a “String of Pearls” in the India Ocean that will allow them to protect and control shipping lanes between China and countries as far as Western Europe.

To the south and east, China has created 7 artificial islands in the South China Sea … and has fortified them with deep-water piers, military-grade airfields, radar facilities, defensive weapons and barracks.

In effect, this will allow them to extend their borders to the south and east … claim rich natural resources in the South China Sea … and create an air defense identification zone (ADIZ) far from the China mainland … through which the U.S. and other nations would have to obtain China’s permission to fly.

  1. The President of China – Xi Jinping – is a communist dictator.

In the 100 years between the opium wars in 1848 and the Communist Revolution in 1949, China experienced civil war … and the loss of millions of lives.

The imperial power of a communist dictatorship is regarded in China as a necessary evil … to prevent Chinese society from returning to national division, civil war … and mass starvation

President Xi Jinping has appointed himself president for life.

Only about half of the Chinese economy is free enterprise … the other half is state controlled.

There are some reformers in China who want to go all the way with a free market economy … but unfortunately, some of them have been arrested and jailed for opposing Xi Jinping.

  1. Human rights violations and persecution of Christians and other religious groups have greatly increased since Xi Jinping took over in 2012.

Beijing rules by whim…

While Protestant Christianity is one of 5 approved religions … along with Buddhism, Taoism, Islam and Catholicism … all Christian activities must take place only in government-approved church buildings.

Those who don’t comply with government rules and restrictions regarding Christian activities are subject to government harassment … possible arrest or physical abuse…

And their non-approved church buildings might be burned or destroyed…

The persecution of Christians and other religious groups has increased since Xi Jinping came to power in 2012.

Approximately 60 million to 80 million Christians in China have been affected by church-demolition campaigns … punishment of church leaders … and the arrest of human rights lawyers who defend Christians whose religious freedoms have been violated.

  1. The U.S. must take the threats imposed by China seriously.

The attitudes of complacency and political correctness – the compulsion to avoid angering or offending the Chinese government – will lead to our downfall.

There are 2 things we must do immediately:

  • We must deny technological superiority to China. We can’t allow them to steal our trade secrets and then remarket them to the rest of the world.
  • We must impose regulations on U.S. corporations that do business with China that require them to place national security interests ahead of short-term corporate profits.

Senator Marco Rubio sums up the importance of our response to China’s plans for world dominance: “This is the most important geopolitical issue of the last hundred years. It will define what the 21st century turns out to be.”

Watch this video about the human rights abuses taking place in China today – and the censorship being imposed on Americans – which are being ignored by the media (6 minutes):

Now watch this 6-minute video describing China’s efforts to dominate global trade:

Finally, here’s a 4 ½-minute video of Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) outlining the 5 provisions of legislation he is proposing to combat China’s theft of American intellectual property:


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  1. excellent analysis, Craig
    what a call for God’s HAND to help us defeat this overarching threat to our Liberty
    I see this as a further call for God’s HELP and HEALING through national repentance— not just prayer, but actual repentance to fulfill God’s four requirements set forth in 2 Chronciles 7:14

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