The War on Religious Liberty: 3 Things You Should Know

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Click below to listen to the podcast/interview with Keisha Russell.

It’s all about religious freedom…but much more (see article, click HERE).

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  1. Another complaint & concern about Brown-Jackson was a report, that as a D.C. Public Defender, she defended a Gitmo detainee. Khiala-Gul was a terrorist cell officer, & Taliban Intelligence Officer. Jackson came against the U.S. government, saying they were inhumane & unethical, without considering, the many lives these detainees destroyed. The Obama/Biden Admin., also, released some detainees, who were leaders in the Afghani Taliban & reported it boastfully in 2021. Then the Biden Admin. gave them millions in stacks of bills, as Obama had done for Iran. Biden’s approval of Iran empowered them to finance Hamas in Palestine, which attacked Israel in 2021. Israelis found their weapons. Truly, as Obama stood behind Biden, recently, in the signing of a new policy, it is his 3rd term.

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