The Voter Guide Can Change November Elections: Here Is What You Should Know

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To win tough races in the upcoming elections, the voter guide is essential.

But the reality is to make it happen – we need your help.

Here are two things you can do:

#1: Donate to the Turn America Around Fund to help us finish and make complete the voter guide… including Judges – click HERE.

#2: Tell others.


One of our readers sent this to his own list:

I forward this for your consideration. I call your attention to the Voter Guide. Each election, many of we conservatives rely upon Craig’s candidate recommendations based upon his review of each candidate’s values.

I take comfort in knowing I vote my values based upon his recommendations regardless of the fact that too often, few of his recommended candidates win in our socialist state of California.

During this past election, two superior court judge candidates he recommended won. For me, judge candidates are especially difficult to evaluate, to determine for whom to vote. I believe I am not alone in this regard. I am grateful for his recommendations for these very important offices.

Nonetheless, I am thankful for Craig’s work, and I believe it is very much worth supporting monetarily.

If you agree, perhaps you likewise will forward a donation to support this necessary, outstanding work. 


I appreciate this reader – and all our readers – who multiply our impact by forwarding our news.

And I appreciate his understanding that we can only research, post and distribute the voter guide with help from readers like you.

We need to raise $224,000 to have everything up by the election – over 1,787 candidates. Just this election.

Can you help?

Click HERE to donate to our Turn America Around Fund to make the voter guide better than ever.

Thanks in advance!

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