Top 10 Christian Worldview Articles of 2022

THE HUEY REPORT — Top 10 Best Christian/Biblical Worldview Articles of 2022

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#10: Disney Anti-Christian Indoctrination Escalation: And Now an Anti-Christ Cartoon Show – 5 Things You Should Know

#9: Department of Justice: Declaring War on Southern Baptists? 3 Things You Should Know

#8: Anne Heche’s Secret: Her Evangelical Mom’s Heartbroken Cry for Her Prodigal Daughter — 5 Things You Should Know [Horrible Video]

#7: The Ukrainian War: Christianity vs. Religion – 6 Little-Known Realities Every American Should Know

#6: The Underground Church: “One of the Key Lessons It Teaches Us” [Powerful Must-See Video]

#5: Church Violence Continues: Updates and 5 Steps to Protect Your Church

#4: Strategy of Deception: Changing America’s Christian History by Intentional Omission

#3: Pastor Mike McClure: Standing Up for Religious Liberty Despite Unfair, Continual Persecution – 6 Things Every American Should Know

#2: Miracle Escape: The Little Known Story of How the Haitian Missionary Hostages Escaped Their Captors – 5 Things Every Christian Should Know

#1: Pastor John MacArthur Calls out Evil: California Newsom Crossed the Line [Powerful Statement by MacArthur]

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