The Homeless Crisis is Out of Control in Socialist Run Cities: How People are Fighting Back [Video]

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Across America, cities with Democrat socialist leadership have wasted millions of dollars of taxpayers’ money on ineffective programs for the homeless.

$39.3 billion was allocated to combat homelessness in the United States in 2020. California allocated $1.25 billion in 2020.

And not only that, but they also created a welfare state to help enable them to remain homeless easily… and with no need to work. This is similar to entitlement programs that have stifled independence and a work ethic, replacing them with an addiction to government handouts.

In California, there are over 66,000 who are homeless. They’re everywhere that you travel, especially in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

My California home is in a suburb, some 24 miles from downtown Los Angeles. And the surrounding area is being overrun by the homeless.

They are encroaching along the roads, in hills, and in parks.

In Seattle, it’s become a crisis because they are allowing the homeless to camp around schools.

In Austin, people are working to take a stand against the city’s homeless crisis.

Recently over 85,000 people voted in favor of bringing back the ban on public camping.

Save Austin Now was the PAC that worked to get the ban passed.

The homeless camping ordinance had been destroying the city – but it is hoped that the ban will now help restore public health and safety.

Watch this 3-minute video to see how your city can also fight back. Click HERE to watch.

Click HERE to view statistics on the homeless population in California.

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  1. 1.2 billion dived by 66000 equals $18,939.39 each. how much is also alocated by other “homeless” agencys and support centers??

  2. San Diego Calif.. Has wasted money when we have land going south and should of built small homes studio style for single people and a little bigger for 2 or more as a temporary shelter to get them on their feet..Not all are disabled..Some are out there BY CHOICE/ I know my grandson 24 is homelesss, he said why work when I can get food stamps free./ My X husband was homeless because he loved heroin 22 yrs ago/ Asses the situation get them social workers,doctors, and MAKE LEADERS NOT LAZY PEOPLE..THEN WE WONDER WHY OTHERS WANT TO CROSS OUR BORDERS//IM MEXICAN AMERICAN NOT SHY TO SPEAK AGAINST OR FOR MY CULTURE….

  3. After 6 months since the felon homeless were removed by the police, the caltrans area under the freeway was finally cleaned up. Not by caltrans workers, but by homeowners! It takes a village.

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