The Deep State: At War with the Heart and Soul of America

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The Deep State Threatens Your Freedom, Your Family and the Future of This NationHeres What You Must Know to Protect Yourself.


The Liberal media likes to tell you “the Deep State doesn’t exist.”

They’ll tell you it’s a fabrication … a lie.

Newscasters on CNN or MSNBC will mock anyone who talks about the Deep State.

Magazines like The New Yorker and Vanity Fair have called it a “conspiracy theory,” the result of “paranoia,” and a “radical theory.”

Some of your friends on Facebook or Twitter may even ridicule the Deep State, making fun of people who see its manipulative power at work in the government, media and culture.

But the truth is, the Deep State is no “myth.” It’s a dangerous reality spread throughout our government…our culture…our businesses…even our schools.

The first thing you must know is that the Deep State has an agenda.

It wants to destroy:

  • Your First Amendment rights, robbing you of your freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and more
  • Your values – Including the free market, religious freedom, and pro-family policies
  • Your children’s future, by indoctrinating their generation with a radically progressive agenda … calling anything else “hateful,” “bigoted,” “racist,” and “intolerant”

The Deep State’s intent is for you to be ignorant of the truth, so they can grow their power and resist anyone that disagrees with their progressive agenda.

For forty years, I have watched the Deep State operate throughout our government bureaucracy, destroying small businesses, crushing innovation and job growth, and destroying freedom with their arbitrary rules and abuses of power.

In more recent years – under the Obama administration – I watched the Deep State advance through branches of our government with alarming speed, adding a political and ideological agenda to their bureaucracy.

Now, as President Trump has called out Deep State strongholds of power in our government agencies, I am watching the Deep State rear its ugly head. They are furious at being exposed and called to account.

I believe the Deep State is one of the greatest dangers to America today – to your rights, your freedom, and everything you value and have worked so hard for.

I wrote the book, The Deep State: 15 Surprising Dangers You Should Know because it’s critical that you know about the Deep State – and can recognize it when you and your family are being targeted.

In The Deep State: 15 Surprising Dangers You Should Know, you’ll discover:

  • The 3 dangerous strategies the Deep State uses to effectively advance its power at your expense
  • Obama’s #1 tool to keep his political power in place, even after the termination of his administration – also known as the Deep State’s “dirty little secret”
  • Why government bureaucrats – paid $1 million per minute with your tax dollars – are some of the Deep State’s most powerful advocates
  • 12 horrifying examples of how Christians in the United States are being strategically targeted by the Deep State – robbed of their religious freedom and values
  • The shocking reality behind the politicization of our nations’ intelligence agencies – designed to protect, but instead turned into bastions of Deep State influence

You’ll learn about every stronghold of Deep State Power, placed strategically throughout:

  • The executive branch of our government – filled with progressive ideologues and opponents of Trump who defy change and resist progress to maintain control
  • The intelligence agencies – including the FBI and CIA, which have abused their power to spy on and destroy their political opponents (including President Trump)
  • The media – including TV, radio, newspapers, and magazines who use their influence to indoctrinate millions with their radical viewpoint
  • Non-profits – especially those with a radically progressive political agenda
  • Lobbyists – supporting the Deep State agenda by fighting to legislate their radical agenda
  • Internet giants like Facebook, Google and Amazon, which strategically censor and manipulate content to reflect their own radical agenda
  • And more…

But there’s good news: You can fight back.

In The Deep State: 15 Surprising Dangers You Should Know, you’ll also learn how to fight the Deep State’s agenda…and defend your freedom, your values and your security.

You’ll learn how to take a stand – for freedom, honesty and truth.

I’m so convinced that The Deep State: 15 Surprising Dangers You Should Know is a critical resource for every American, I’m offering it for 20% off.

That means for a limited time only, you can purchase The Deep State: 15 Surprising Dangers You Should Know for only $19.95 (regularly priced $24.95).

And, when you order today, I’ll sign a copy just for you – so that you get a limited edition, autographed copy.

If you’re interested in learning the truth…horrified as you might be, buy The Deep State: 15 Surprising Dangers You Should Know today.

Nowhere else will you find this information…

The idea of the existence of a “deep state” network of career politicians and unelected bureaucrats – working behind the scenes to control government policy – has been mocked, scoffed at and laughed at by the media and progressives…

Not any more…

The recent revelations from high-ranking FBI and CIA officials have exposed a conspiracy to influence government policies … undermine President Trump’s agenda … and even manipulate the outcome of a presidential election … far deeper and more sinister than anyone ever imagined.

Now you can learn the details of how the Deep State operates … at every level of the federal government and at every level of the corporate world … what it’s agenda really is … and how it will stop at nothing to preserve its power and achieve its goals.


  • The dirty little secret about “Obama’s army”
  • The little-known mystery: How sabotage and leaks are used
  • Under the radar: Politicization and weaponization of intelligence agencies
  • The #1 thing you should know about the media’s promotion of Deep State objectives
  • Hollywood collusion with the Deep State
  • Revealed: The difficulties in draining the swamp

… and more.

Order now at a special discount by clicking here:

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