The Death of Freedom in America? Trader Joe’s Fires Manager of 26 Years for Requesting Religious Exemption from COVID Vaccination Mandate [Must See Video]

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Say goodbye to freedom in America?

The erosion of freedom began with COVID-19 business lockdowns, school closures, “shelter in place” orders and mask mandates.

Because the general public accepted these encroachments on their personal liberty under the guise of “protecting public health,” it shouldn’t be any surprise that our “public servants” at all levels of government are now calling for vaccine mandates. It’s the next logical step in exerting their self-appointed unconstitutional powers to eliminate personal freedom.

And they are encouraging corporate America to carry out and enforce their agenda.

According to these “public servants,” you don’t own your own body anymore – the government does.

You aren’t allowed to follow your conscience – the government does it for you.

You don’t decide on your own health and what risks you are willing to take – the government does it for you.

And you don’t have a choice anymore about whether or not to receive the COVID-19 shots – not if you want to live a normal life free of punishment and discrimination, that is.

Case in point – Trader Joe’s recently mandated that all of their managers subject themselves to the experimental COVID shots.

Gregg Crawford, an exemplary management employee at Trader Joe’s for 26 years, requested an exemption from the vaccine mandate on religious grounds.

The company initially granted Crawford’s request but later changed its mind. He was told that he wouldn’t be permitted to attend a company leaders’ meeting unless he was vaccinated…and non-attendance would affect his performance review.

An attorney at Pacific Justice Institute sent a letter to Trader Joe’s on Crawford’s behalf, proposing the following alternatives to vaccination that would allow Crawford to attend the meeting:

  • Provide a negative COVID-19 test result
  • Participate in the meeting via Zoom

Instead of interacting with Crawford to explore these accommodation options, the company fired him.

Pacific Justice Institute (PJI) has filed a lawsuit against Trader Joe’s in U.S. District Court for the Central District of California.

Brad Dacus, President of PJI, remarked:

“Trader Joe’s mandate that employees inject themselves with experimental vaccines while building an empire on giving customers natural, healthy options is hypocritical. COVID-19 has not suspended the obligations of employers under federal and state law to take seriously and accommodate employees with religious objections.”

Other lawsuits, literally thousands, are also being filed against companies, government agencies and organizations instituting vaccination mandates.

If you or someone you know is being discriminated against, contact for free legal advice, and, if necessary free legal help.

Watch Tucker Carlson’s analysis of vaccination mandates. It is about 16-minutes long. Click HERE.

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  1. This is not about the safety of America or the protection of the people, it’s about total submission and complete destruction of everything that represents freedom! But it’s also about Satan’s hatred of the human race and the pleasure he’s deriving out of getting Man to destroy himself… As the Bible says, the world will almost be completely destroyed before Jesus comes back to rule and reign. Maranatha!

  2. Take a shot or die!!! I think I’ll take the shot. Had a friend who had the virus and has been sick and on oxygen 6 mos. In hospital 2 months. I think I’ll take the shot.

    1. You must have meant “take the shot and die,” right? VAER’s has posted over 18,000 deaths from the COVID vaccines, and Europe has posted over 30,000. How many deaths before we pull this deadly drug?

  3. Trader Joe’s is still at it, as of 11/18/21. Trader Joe’s corporate office told me that if employees are not vaccinated (meaning stores ARE requiring it) they must be tested weekly, according to OSHA rules. I told her that these rules are violation of the Constitution, the Supreme Law of the Land. Which means that No Law or rule that is in violation of the US Constitution is enforceable. OSHA’s rule is unconstitutional. So I told them, Trader Joe’s Must Stop violating employees’ Constitutional rights and must CEASE requiring unlawful oxygen depriving masks, tests and vaccinations (drugging) of employees immediately. Let the lawsuits continue!

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