The 10 Commandments of Ideological Government Bureaucracy

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Today’s government bureaucracy is uniquely different today than the past.

Today’s it’s political or ideologically motivated and driven.

George Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, the 19th century German philosopher, believed that “State is the march of God on earth.” By “state” he meant the national government.

There are many career government bureaucrats in the U.S. today that would agree with Hegel’s declaration. They are called “statists” or “collectivists” and often referred to as “The deep state”.

They have replaced God with the government or state. And their religion is politics…to mobilize and transfer over government institutions.

Here are the “Ten Commandments” of the collectivists, ideological government bureaucracy in the U.S. federal government today:

  1. Thou shalt use your influence, power and authority above all things to transform culture and politics.
  2. Thou shalt use taxpayer funding to directly change policies without legislation, and shalt give assistance to pro-socialist groups to help organize and mobilize support for the changed policies.
  3. Thou shalt use your regulatory power to suppress opposition, promote a pro-socialist society, create political alliances, and make both citizens and businesses dependent on your authority.
  4. Thou shalt hire only new bureaucrats who support your ideological, pro-socialist agenda…and promote not the best for a job, but the most ideological transformer.
  5. Thou shalt purge from the bureaucracy any opposition or resistance.
  6. Thou shalt use your position to leak to the press or to key members of Congress any policy, or any opposition to your activity to destroy the credibility of your opponents and generate support for yourself.
  7. Thou shalt protect and defend yourself and all other ideological bureaucrats by creating a narrative that protects yourself, and by demonizing any opposing narratives.
  8. Thou shalt use your position of power to justify the growth of your government department by hiring new ideological bureaucrats at more taxpayers’ expense.
  9. Thou shalt act with superior morality as you do righteous acts to crush capitalists, religious “extremists”, conservatives and libertarians, and to promote systemic racism and cultural expression.
  10. Thou shalt use your position to organize, mobilize and support candidates, movements and causes supported by the radical left.

What do you think about these ideological principles and actions of the elite career government leaders and bureaucrats?

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  1. Right on!
    Good summary.
    As God’s commandments showed his loving concern for His creatures, to these 10 demonstrate Satan’s death-dealing deceptions.

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