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Teachers are Quitting across the Nation Due to CRT and other Socialist School Policies — Here are 4 Ways You Can Fight Back [Video]

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There is an epidemic in our nation’s school systems that’s spreading rapidly. It’s an insidious virus that’s forcing good, dedicated teachers to quit a job they love.

The virus isn’t COVID or any other natural pandemic, that is forcing these teachers to quit — It’s much more dangerous than any pandemic.

It’s a cultural virus, and it’s creating a cultural rot that will destroy this country if we don’t fight back.

I’m talking about Critical Race Theory (CRT) and the indoctrination of hate within our classrooms.

When I was growing up, we were taught in school to love our country, respect the police, and respect each other. We were taught that we had an obligation to society to grow up and become productive members of this great country.

Now it’s the complete opposite.

Now, schools are rolling out Ethnic Studies classes, which may sound innocuous but are nothing more than hate filled propaganda mills, designed to teach students to divide the world into groups, by race, gender, and class — exactly what Karl Marx did in his Communist manifesto.

These classes critique whites, perpetuate the myth of white supremacy and that America is a systemically racist country, the patriarchy, and that capitalism is unfair, socialism is fair, and the police are racist oppressors.

Any teachers who reject this curriculum are branded as racists and white supremacists, especially if they are white, and may even be fired.

The obsession with race and gender permeates in the curriculum of school systems across the country.

It was this same philosophy that caused the cultural rot that created the Nazis, Stalin’s Communist Russia, Moa’s Communist China, and Castro’s Communist Cuba. These and other communist/socialist regimes have brought more economic disparity, hardships, misery, and death everywhere it’s been adopted.

Here are 4 Ways You Can Fight Back:

  • Demand TransparencyDemand that schools make their curriculum and teacher’s lesson plans and materials available for parents to review online.
  • Pay Attention/Be VocalAsk teachers questions, be involved, and speak out if you see anything that you find questionable in the lessons. Go to school board meetings and even become a board member. If you don’t get involved, you won’t be able to stop things before they go too far.
  • Get InvolvedJoin the PTA, and other parent groups. Ask your kids what they are learning. This is an important step in countering any socialist, hateful propaganda.
  • Private/Charter schoolsSchools rely on full attendance to get state and federal money — Less students means less money and less control. That’s one of the reasons the teacher’s unions hate private schools, vouchers, and charter schools. But these schools are a great way to introduce competition and improve the quality of education. Homeschooling is another alternative to make sure our kids are getting an education, not socialist indoctrination.

To hear one brave teacher’s story on how she fought back.

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    1. CRT is a form of Marxism, developed by a group of Marxist thinkers in Germany called the “Frankfort School,” and then it came to the USA in the 1950’s. It is the idea that pitting one economic class against another (the “workers rise up” clap trap) was not advancing communist control of the world so these guys thought of ways to infiltrate culture as a way of convincing the masses to embrace Marxism so they made a conscious effort to produce a strategy for destroying the family unit (the gender identity movement), use race to destroy the unity of the country, infiltrate our schools, undermine our justice system and tear down just about every institution we have. This school of thought was ignored for decades but as the Marxist thinkers landed more and more jobs in the colleges, CRT picked up steam and now it is embraced by much of our culture. But understand that its goal is the destruction of the USA. You must destroy a society first if you want to rebuild it on socialist economic terms. We are in a fight for our lives. If they have their way, the USA will be a socialist police state within a few years.

  1. Explain CRT I’m clueless.I need to know I have grand kids and great gran kids…Thank you/// My first time asking this question

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