Tax Reform Warning to the Red States: Be Prepared for an Influx of Blue

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Warning to readers in Texas, Florida, Tennessee, Nevada, Arizona …

And New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Illinois and California.

Readers who live in a no-tax or low-tax state like Texas, Tennessee and Florida can expect a lot of new people moving into their neighborhoods.


Because of the proposed new federal tax law changes.

With the new tax law, anyone who is a small business owner or entrepreneur, or has a high income, will be penalized by the high tax states of California, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Illinois.

How will they be penalized? By not being able to claim their state income taxes as deductions on their federal tax returns.

It makes little economic sense for them to stay put.

This also includes some of the very wealthy liberal elites who control and run much of the politics in those states.

That means they will move their blue votes to red states, transforming those states for the worse.

Be prepared.

Of course, many will stay in those blue states despite the enormous tax hikes they will experience by not getting the unfair, unequal tax deductions they are used to receiving.

To a rational person, the only solution is for the high-tax blue states with their enormous bureaucracies, government programs and waste to cut taxes.

Sadly, don’t expect it.

What it does do is give us an opportunity in future elections to radically change those states, including ones like California.

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