Supreme Court Crushes Teacher’s Hope for Freedom of Choice [Petition]

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I’ve written about teacher Rebecca Friedrichs’ Supreme Court case against the union which was supposed to represent her—but didn’t. See here.

For decades, public sector unions in general, and teachers’ unions in particular, have been obstructive of education reforms. Teachers’ unions have blocked school choice, charter schools, and labor reforms to fire bad teachers and promote good ones. They also protect lavish pensions all paid at the taxpayers’ expense, and without taxpayer approval.

What’s worse, they take in hundreds of millions of dollars every year to elect politicians and buy political power in state capitols. How? With forced union dues from employees, whether those individuals support the union’s agenda or not. This coercion, according to Friedrichs, is a violation of the First Amendment.

With a victory for Friedrichs, teachers would have no longer been forced to pay forced agency fees to unions, many of which have become the political funding arms of the Democratic Party.

Unfortunately, with the untimely death of Justice Antonin Scalia (a likely vote in favor of ending the forced dues), the Supreme Court ended up deadlocked on the case, and let stand a ruling which protects the unions’ right to keep taking agency fees.

The good news?

Friedrichs’ lawyers can—and will—bring her case back to the Supreme Court for a rehearing when the next Supreme Court Justice is appointed to replace Scalia.

Please sign our petition here to stop predator teachers, too.

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