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Strategically Limiting Evil: A Voting Strategy You Need to Know About

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People often ask me, Craig, what is the most important thing I can do this election?

I always say the same thing: “With your vote, strategically limit evil.”

What do I mean by that?

I mean using your vote to stop:

  • The destruction of religious freedom in America…
  • The silencing of any voices – Christian, Conservative, or Libertarian – that disagree with a radical far-left agenda….
  • Abortion….
  • An anti-Israel agenda…
  • Judicial activism that usurps the constitutional powers given to Congress and creates federal law from the bench ….
  • And more…

This is the most critical, urgent need this election.

This is what conservative voters need to do to secure a future in America.

This is why I’ve now written a comprehensive guide to voting – The Christian Voter: 7 Non-Negotiables for Voting For, Not Against, Your Values.

This 300+-page book gives you critical, must-know insight into what’s really going on in our country…and how we can vote to stop the anti-American agenda from advancing any further.

Get your 20%-off autographed copy of “The Christian Voter: 7 Non-Negotiables for Voting For, Not Against, Your Values

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  1. I just began reading this book. I find it an important addition to my library because Craig focuses on issues which I believe are important and he provides examples of local, state and Federal government policies that are transforming through the force of law American culture.

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