Speaking of ‘The Deep State’: 5 Disturbing Facts About Lobbyists That Are Preventing the Draining of the Swamp [Petition]

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One of the unseen but powerful manipulations stopping the draining of the government swamp is the manipulation of politicians by lobbyists.

The Deep State is a decentralized network of:

  • career government employees
  • appointed as well as elected career politicians and bureaucrats
  • special-interest corporate and noncorporate lobbyists that advance a dangerous progressive, collectivist agenda

Here are 5 little-known facts you need to know about the Deep State and the dangers special-interest lobbyists pose for our elections and for improving government policies:

  1. Special-interest lobbyists are powerful people who use leverage to influence political campaigns, elections … legislative agendas … and policies.

They prefer the progressive, socialistic, protectionist policies of the Obama administration over the non-interventionist, free market policies of the Trump administration.

Lobbyists use the following forms of leverage to maintain the status quo:

  • Influence political campaigns to determine who is on the ballot and who gets elected
  • Manipulate politicians to act in their (the lobbyists’) own self-interest by granting and withholding campaign contributions
  • Push back against reformative changes in government policies
  • Abuse power to maintain control

When I ran for Congress, I was unable to receive any funds from lobbyists to help with my political campaign because of my conservative views … but my opponent received $2.5 million.

  1. Special-interest Deep State lobbyists not only have the power to manipulate public opinion and determine who gets elected … they also have the power to determine the legislative agenda of election winners.

Politicians need money … lots of it … to pay for the campaign they just completed when they first got elected … and to pay for their campaigns for reelection.

Most politicians will change their position on an issue in a heartbeat if it means receiving large campaign contributions from the entities represented by lobbyists.

But there has been at least one political candidate that the lobbyists could not manipulate with their money – Donald Trump.

  1. Donald Trump was the first U.S. president in modern times to win an election without the help of lobbyists.

Normally, presidential candidates need the financial support of lobbyists … who provide it contingent on the candidates leaning politically toward the interests of the lobbyists…

But because of Trump’s enormous success in business, he was able to run unencumbered by outside interests.

Trump won on his own:

  • By winning the firm support of the American people
  • By rejecting the demands of progressive career politicians and the criticism of the progressive media
  • By receiving thousands of small donations from ordinary Americans
  • By funding his own campaign

Now the Deep State is fighting back … infuriated by Trump’s victory.

  1. Since Trump has been president, a powerful network of lobbyists has been pushing back against his government reforms and policies.

Lobbyists have been instrumental in:

  • Influencing Congress to refuse to fund the border wall
  • Causing Congress to gut or modify many of the features of Trump’s tax cut bill
  • Influencing Congress to vote against ending Obamacare

President Trump doesn’t have a coalition of lobbyists defending him … and the mainstream media is adamantly opposed to everything he does and everything he stands for.

Trump has issued an executive order preventing government officials from lobbying an agency they worked in for 5 years after they leave…

But that doesn’t address they lobbying that’s currently occurring.

  1. Draining the Swamp is a “Mission: Impossible” task … but you can help.

In many ways the president’s hands are tied … he can’t outlaw lobbying … nor can he fire lobbyists or government employees hired by the agencies in which they work.

But here’s how you can help:

Thanks so much!

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