Socialized Medicine: A Nightmare of Government Control, Rationing and Arbitrary Decisions – Including Crushing Alternative Health Choices

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A lot of advocates point to Europe as an example of why the U.S. should have socialized medicine.

“We are the only country without it,” they say.

For good reason.

Look at Britain’s National Health Service (NHS) for example. The NHS:

  • Prevents parents from seeking experimental treatments for terminally ill children, as we witnessed with the heartless debacle over baby Charlie Gard.
  • Deem patients close to death, and remove feeding tubes to starve them to death.
  • Cut patients off from all government care if they catch them paying for their own care elsewhere … or using natural healing methods. We’ll talk about that in a moment.
  • Decided obese patients and smokers are not eligible for hip and knee replacements.

And now, the NHS is recommending that doctors no longer prescribe herbal and homeopathic treatments to patients.

In fact, in a recently released report, the NHS recommends what drugs and medicines doctors should no longer prescribe.

Socialized medicine is always shaped by money and powerful influences – the pharmaceutical companies. It locks out choices and locks in the past – no new experts and administrators.

How did NHS decide what medicines to trim?

  • Items of low clinical effectiveness, where there is a lack of “robust” evidence of clinical effectiveness or there are significant safety concerns.
  • Items which are clinically effective, but due to the nature of the product are deemed a low priority for NHS funding.

In other words, if something works, but has a lower cost alternative, that cutting it is a good way to save money.

This one-size-fits-all approach focuses more on the bottom line than on the individual patient.

Somehow, the cheap herbal solutions got on the NHS chopping block, telling doctors in primary care should not initiate herbal items for any new patient.

It’s interesting to note that big brand drugs can cause adverse side effects that limit the body’s natural ability to heal. Homeopathic treatments support the immune system, and I would support, work for many.

However, single payer healthcare renders these debates meaningless. A central authority decides what patients get. If patients resist, they will be cut off.

OK, so who decided to cut out natural healthy alternative medicines?

A committee of NHS officials, all who need money from the big pharmaceuticals that hate low cost alternative treatments.

We aren’t doing much better in America with Obamacare.

Of course, its failure is only leading progressives to call for a single payer healthcare system, which would be catastrophic.

We need to return to the free marketplace, where competition and market forces dictate costs … which would be lower than this ongoing bureaucratic nightmare.

Under Obamacare, insurance providers are abandoning the health exchanges:

47 counties have no insurance

1,200 counties can offer residents only one insurer.

Deductibles are too high

Premiums have skyrocketed.

Why hasn’t the Republican congress repealed and replaced this monstrosity?

The Congressional Budget Office has scared many of the congressional folks with its dire projection that no matter what the GOP passes, it will lead to more uninsured people.

The CBO claims 22 million fewer people will have health insurance under either of the GOP’s House or Senate replacement plans.

But the CBO figures are totally misleading.

The CBO model is designed to treat any mandate-repealing GOP bill as covering fewer people than Obamacare.

Remove the mandate from the equation and 73 percent of the CBO’s projected number of those who would lose insurance evaporates.

In other words, the clear majority who would lose insurance would do so because of individual choice, not a lack of availability.

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  1. You couldn’t be more wrong. Try being without insurance and see how it works for you Obviously you have yours so why should you care about those who can’t get it I have done far too much research to be scammed by articles like this one

  2. Don’t be fooled Sandy. That article is 95 percent crap. I have done way too much research and first hand interviews with people from numerous countries to know the truth and I would debate the subject with anyone.

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