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Fox News Interview: Taxes and Small Biz

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Title: Skyrocketing Tax Rates, Socialism, and Small Businesses: Watch My Fox News Interview [VIDEO]

The California Socialist government forced my business to flee the state.

So, I moved my business to Tennessee, and I have no regrets.

However, it was not an easy choice. Before I made my final decision to move, I was on Mornings with Maria on Fox News.

We discussed how California was forcing businesses to leave the state.

I told Maria that 5.5 businesses leave California every week. This is horrific…


But with high state taxes and increasing regulations, business owners and entrepreneurs are looking elsewhere to run their companies.

The result?

Fewer jobs, a shrinking middle class, and greater income inequality. Bad for business, bad for the economy, and bad for residents.

Then she asked me the “big question,” if I was going to move or stay in California…

Watch my interview below to find out what I told her and get all the details. It’s about 7 minutes long.

Watch HERE.

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