Should I run for office in 2014? My thoughts

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A personal letter

Wow! A year has gone by since the 2012 elections. And it’s not surprising watching the results of that election continue to DISMANTLE freedom in our state and nation.

   We continue to fight in the trenches for freedom. We will never give up.

As the 2014 election cycle approaches, many have asked my plans.

   Shelly and I have decided that now is not the time to run for office. However, we are open to possibilities, such as a special election and the 2016 election.

   My campaign was all about restoring the California Dream. And I’m actively engaged in the process of restoring not only California, but also America.

You inspired me to continue to build. As I press on, I see your faces.

I remember your passion. I’m so grateful for your volunteered time and donations.

And it fuels my fire.

   I am eternally grateful for the impact that you made in my campaign.

Because of you, WE can build a better tomorrow.
Because of you, WE can build a better nation.
Because of you, WE can move forward with VISION and PURPOSE.

I am excited about the restoration projects I have continued and started. Here are just a few:

  • Created online petitions involving specific issues. Thousands of voters signing them allowing us to “tag” them for future elections.
  • Energizing ongoing relationships with specific diverse/ethnic communities.Meeting community leaders and listening to their local needs. Connecting them with solutions.
  • Reality Alert, The Huey Report and Victory Update newsletters are reaching thousands of targeted and segmented populations. The most aggressive and largest voter education effort in California.
  • I’m on radio and TV interviews, nationally and statewide. Specifically, I am a regular on Neil Cavuto (Fox Business) discussing the economic/business climate in California and in America.
  • Speaking throughout California on 12 shocking dangers facing our country.
  • Developing, hosting and kicking off the first Young Adult Boot Camp for advanced marketing and campaign strategies.

As the Progressive Left effectively DISMANTLES, WE will effectively BUILD.

Can you help us BUILD? Click here to volunteer.

   As you know, BUILDING costs money. Can you help fund this? Click here to donate.

   I’ll keep you informed. You will hear of the progress. You will learn of the gains. California will come back. So will the nation. And it will be because of you.

Thank you again. The future is bright.

Feel free to respond to this letter at I’d love to hear from you.

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