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Shocking Stagflation: What’s Causing It and How Long Will It Last? [My National Interview on the Growing Economic Crisis]

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He was shocked.

And I’m sure the Martinez radio/podcast listeners were also.

You can listen to the interview now. It’s about 12 minutes long.

Here are a few of the highlights:

  • The Biden administration is using deception when it comes to what’s going on in America because their policies are so destructive in every way. The economy is a disaster—we have high inflation. Gas prices are through the roof. But the Biden administration says inflation is under control and gas prices are low, and there are millions of people who believe him.
  • Because of Biden’s restrictive government regulations, and poor energy policies gas is high, and our heating oil bills this winter are expected to double.
  • Increasing the money supply through the Federal Reserve in a massive way, combined with the historic overspending—trillions being spent without the taxes coming in, is a denial in economics… more like fantasy economics. If we do this personally, we all know we’d go bankrupt. If we put it on the credit card, there’s a point of no return… Well, we’re at the point of no return.
  • They [the Biden Administration] say the “official” inflation rate is about 8%. But ask anyone… the housewife or your listeners what the inflation rate is, and they’ll tell you it’s anywhere between 13-15%… some would say 20%. That’s the percentage they see everyday items, like food and clothing, have gone up.
  • We are headed for not only a recession, but higher inflation will create stagflation- prices keep increasing but the economy keeps going down… And with all the continued government spending, it will not be over in a year… this is going to go on.
  • Despite all these bad policies, 30%-40% support Biden. That’s because these people are getting their “news” from Facebook, Apple News, or the mainstream biased media, the politicians [Democrats], the bureaucrats, the FBI, the DOJ  they are being deceived.
  • Jesus said in Matthew 22:4, “Take heed that no one deceives you.” We are in a war of deception… But the truth will set you free.

And much more…

listen to the interview now.

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