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Exposed: Shocking Prosecutorial Misconduct in the Department of Justice [Videos]

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Pre-dawn raids by a swarm of FBI agents in full riot gear with guns drawn…

Fear-based terror tactics to coerce witnesses into “flipping” and testifying against Donald Trump…

A 305-year prison sentence for a crime that normally results in 1 to 3 years behind bars…

These and other acts of prosecutorial misconduct have been planned and carried out by Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his strongman lead prosecutor Andrew Weissmann … and approved by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and FBI Director Christopher Wray.

And the media keeps hiding from the American people the real motives and reasons for such extreme “over the top” measures … which is to take down President Trump by any means possible.

You’ve heard almost nothing about Andrew Weissmann since he was hired by Robert Mueller to be his top prosecutor in the mis-named “Russia Collusion” investigation.

It’s time you got to know more about him and his history of prosecutorial abuse.

Watch this short video of former federal prosecutor Joe diGenova describing how the Mueller team has destroyed the life of President Trump’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort (just under 4 minutes).

Now watch this 12-minute video excerpt of former federal prosecutor Sidney Powell discussing Andrew Weissmann’s history of prosecutorial misconduct with Mark Levin.

You can watch the entire Life, Liberty, & Levin interview with Sidney Powell.

I suggest the Robert Mueller “Russia Collusion” investigation be renamed to something more truthful…

Let’s call it “Robert Mueller’s Deep State Gestapo to Take Down Trump.”

It’s a more accurate title for what Mueller and his team of prosecutors are trying to do.

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