Shocking Planned Parenthood Ad: “She Deserves to Be a Choice” Means She Deserves to Be Killed [Videos]

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A short video of a live baby girl – smiling and giggling … with a lullaby playing softly in the background – is interrupted three times by a black screen with white text:

“She deserves to be … loved.”

“She deserves to be … wanted.”

“She deserves to be … a choice.”

The implication is unmistakable: she deserves to be aborted and murdered.

The ad was produced by a left-wing activist group and Planned Parenthood ally, Agenda Project Action Fund.

You can watch the 40-second ad below. CAUTION: It will turn your stomach… 

Texas Governor Greg Abbott posted his horrified reaction on Twitter: “This has to be a joke. If not, it is truly jarring.”

Actress Patricia Heaton tweeted, “Um…which ghoul at @PPFA decided this was a good idea? ‘Let’s show a beautiful infant girl, then list the criteria she needs to meet in order to avoid being aborted!’”

Pop singer Kaya Jones warned her Twitter followers: “Please brace yourself. This is the most demonic thing. Evil pure evil.”

The well-known refrain of pro-choice (i.e., pro-abortion) advocates is that Planned Parenthood provides a full range of women’s reproductive health services…

That claim is false.

Watch this video of Tucker Carlson interviewing a former Planned Parenthood clinic director who is now pro-life. (5 ½ minutes). 

It’s a sad commentary on the moral decay and ambivalence of American society that even with a Republican majority in both the House and the Senate for the past 2 years, the Trump administration hasn’t been able to muster enough congressional support to defund Planned Parenthood.

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    1. The abortion crazies are becoming very brazen with calling babies ‘ parasites’ and advocating babies as ‘ bad for the environment ‘ as ‘ surplus’ So many tiny precious lives have been lost due to selfishness greed and brainwashing

      The Left has told women for years that abortion is to be celebrated , they brag about abortions, they even have abortion parties, all so sickening

    1. There is a video called My Body My Choice , the women are dancing in a frenzy , the video is very defiant and unladylike

      The video turns the women into objects, they are immodest and disrespecting themselves, they denote low self esteem and lack of morals, looking like easy objects

      The Left has turned women into objects , abortion and pornography are linked, Playboy advocated pro abortion and we know why, to ‘ free’ up women for use by pornography and men with bad intentions

      Abortion enslaves women in a mindset of anything goes, the natural modesty of women is what is normal but has been brainwashed out of them, taking its place is an attitude of defiance , of lack of self respect and allowing bad men to use them Women passed around from man to man until the woman is so emotionally harmed that she doesn’t know how to even have a proper relationship anymore

      Our men unfortunately have been socialized to gain peer group acceptance by using women, women are too available for sex

      I’m not saying women are not sexual beings, what I’m saying is bad men will take advantage to brag about their conquests and leave the woman alone and emotionally distraught the next day This happened to my cousin, she went from an innocent sixteen year old to a bar fly giving it for free

      Men can be used by wealthy older women, this is a ficious circle of moral corruption Men can be left too without any self respect

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