Shocking: Government Officials Terrorize High School Kids Who Refuse to Get the Jab or Wear a Mask

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Across America, high school students are standing up at great cost if they do not want to get the jab or wear a mask.

In free states, high school kids don’t have a problem. That’s most states.

But even in free states, a few local school districts ignore parental rights and science and impose the discredited masking mandates.

But in socialist-run states – such as California and New York – the school administrations, school boards, principals, and teachers unions have disregarded all common sense and humanity to torture and frighten kids into compliance.

It’s all about control.

I think back to when I was in high school. Would it have been horrific for my friends and me? Look at what is happening:

  • Not being able to go to school. And some kids are being kept from going to school.
  • Being separated from other students because of refusing to wear a mask or get a vaccination. And that’s going on.
  • Being told that I couldn’t be in sports, the band, or theater. Being kept segregated from a school activity that I want to participate in. That is happening every day to students who do not get the jab or wear a mask.
  • Being told that I can’t graduate or get my credits… And that is happening to kids because of the jab and mask mandate rules.
  • Maybe this is the worst: Not being able to go to the prom and graduation. And that’s being told to kids.

We have had three years of authoritarian rule that is built upon lies from Big Pharma, the medical establishment, and power-hungry socialist-minded authoritarians in the schools.

If there’s one lesson we’ve learned, the only way to break this monopoly in the schools is to have school choice.

We have to establish school choice in every state – both free and oppressed – and let there be competition and parental rights.

The second thing is to throw out the local school boards that allow these things to happen to kids.

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