Shocker: Under the Radar – Federal Bureaucracy is Creating a Database on Christians [My Controversial Interview Exposing What is Really Happening in Washington D.C. on national Radio/Podcast]

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The audience was stunned…

I explained to them how the U.S. federal bureaucracies are collecting a database on Christians working for the federal government.

This Orwellian move is a danger to every American – Christian or not.

The media has been silent on this…

But this is the start of a campaign I’ve undertaken to expose it and stop it.

At the beginning of the interview, we talked about Turning America Around and the need for people to pray, and for revival across America.

The second part of the interview goes into the whole issue of the database being collected – why it’s unconstitutional, why it’s a danger to every freedom-loving American.

I detail all the information being collected and how it can harm these government employees and why this is a move towards purging Christians within the federal government – or those assisting the federal government in any way.

Bill Martinez, the host, was disturbed.

The audience was shocked.

I hope you’ll enjoy it…and pass it on.

The interview is about 20-minutes long.

Click HERE to listen to the interview.

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