Shocker: How Your Tax Money is Being Used for Political Purposes [National Radio/Podcast Interview]

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I shocked the audience with a powerful, disturbing truth.

I exposed how the Biden bureaucracy is using your tax money for political purposes.

On the Bill Martinez national radio/podcast, I covered:

  • How some of your tax money is going directly to radical nonprofit, politically biased groups transforming America.
  • How the Community Health Centers are used to promote a political agenda, yet receives millions of federal tax dollars in most every local community – red state or blue.
  • How ethnic community nonprofits are receiving taxpayers money for political activism and voter registration.
  • How billions of dollars have been used to train, educate, and mobilize political action among groups, unions, and corporations using Critical Race Theory (CRT) and other Marxist, Socialist and racist propaganda.
  • How your money is being used to fund nonprofit voter registration drives only in areas of communities favorable to the radical socialist agenda.
  • How your tax money is being used by federal regulatory agencies to promote a political agenda – not official business.
  • How your money is being used to bias the upcoming 2022 election.

I mentioned how this type of misuse of taxpayers’ money not only adds to the national debt…helps increase inflation and rising prices… but also destroys the fact that the government bureaucracy should be neutral, not political.

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  1. They’re crooked. Okay like any crook they need to be imprisoned for stealing our money. Why beat around the bush convict them.

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