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School Choice: Helping Kids to Climb Out of Mediocrity [Video]

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Many children are hurt by government-run public school systems that have slid into a bureaucratic nightmare of mediocrity.

Sadly, it is the teacher’s unions that fight change, innovation and even a fair process to get rid of failing teachers.

Competition means better schools. And finding the right school to match the student works wonders.

Here is an example of what school choice can mean.

Listen to the testimony of one student, Denisha Merriweather, a young lady who flunked 3rd grade twice. The summer before 6th-grade, her godmother intervened and got her into a private school using a voucher.

Sounds expensive. But as Denisha points out, it’s not. The private school she attended spends less money per student than the public school that failed her.

Watch her tell her powerful story in this 5-minute video.

Denisha is an advocate for doing what’s right for kids. She graduated high school with honors, graduated college and earned a Master’s Degree.

None of this, she says, would have been possible without school choice.

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