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Ron DeSantis Surprised Christian Broadcasters and Organization Leaders With Message—What He Said and Their Reaction

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At the National Religious Broadcasters Convention (NRB), with over 2,000 Christian broadcasters, ministry leaders, film producers, and well-known pastors, I listened to Ron DeSantis address Evangelical Christians.

The Governor of Florida, who is a Catholic, brought the audience to a standing ovation when he urged the audience to “put on the armor of God,” quoting Ephesians 6.

I’ve included at the bottom of this article some of the videos I took at NRB, showing the crowd’s reaction to some of his key statements. DeSantis gave a 25-minute speech and received multiple standing ovations.

Within the room were people who had almost unanimously been strong advocates and supporters of Trump, and the audience that came to hear DeSantis was skeptical.

The reaction he received was beyond all expectations.

The standing ovations began as the Governor:

  • Attacked the architect of the lockdowns and church closures, Dr. Anthony Fauci
  • He got a standing ovation as he declared that the latest anti-abortion legislation he promoted and signed into law in Florida was the strongest pro-life measure the state ever had.
  • He described his fatherhood initiative to promote better families.
  • His promotion for helping pregnant mothers with adoption.
  • Giving sales tax breaks on baby care items
  • Removing sales tax on gas-powered stoves
  • Removing inappropriate content in schools—He showed what was in the schools, which was so offensive that the news outlets in Florida had to cut their feeds. He said, “If it’s too graphic for the 6 O’clock news, how is it acceptable for a 10 yr old child.”
  • Support for Israel
  • How he flipped the Florida Supreme Court from judicial activists to a majority of strict constructionists and promised to fill vacancies in the U.S. Supreme Court with strict constructionists to create a 7 to 2 majority that would last a quarter of a century

DeSantis prayed with Christian leaders before he went on stage. But my wife Shelly was given a divine… some would say a miraculous opportunity… to pray with DeSantis personally.

As he was leaving the convention, surrounded by heavily armed guards, police officers, and SWAT Team, God parted the security teams for her to be able to approach DeSantis and talk to him and then pray with him… With a powerful word from God, as she’s done with Trump, Cruz, Paul, Rubio, McCarthy, and so many others.

Many of the presidential candidates are reaching out to Evangelical voters, particularly Tim Scott and Mike Pence.

Donald Trump has been angered by many Evangelicals for not immediately supporting him, attacking some of the leaders, including pro-life leaders. Now he has started to release more videos to reach out positively to the Christian voter.

We will cover all of these developments in upcoming issues and in our voter guide presidential profiles.

I encourage you to take a look at some of the videos with Ron DeSantis that I took on my iPhone at the NRB conference.

Watch the videos on Rumble. Part 1 and Part 2


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  1. My husband and I are thrilled to have a presidential candidate who is a follower of Christ and a strong political leader. We support everything he has done in Florida and will be switching our vote from Trump to DeSantis.

  2. Hooray to Ron DeSantis! Finally a man with ethical and moral standards in the political arena. Stay strong, Ron.

  3. I love That Ron DeSantis is standing strong for the Godly principles of our Father. Everything he said is exactly what Trump has stood for too. I like Ron , but it’s will take Trump to get America back on track. Trump is an imperfect man, but he has already proven what he will do for America. They will eat DeSantis alive. For such a time as this, I believe Donald Trump is the leader we need. Remember, everything they have accused him of, has not been proven. For years, they’ve attacked him and have no evidence.
    I really wish Trump/DeSantis ticket, but too much Alpha there.
    Ron is young and would be excellent for the future, if Jesus tarries.
    We need Trump to clean up this SWAMP we have in government. I don’t listen to all the false accusations anymore. Like I said, He’s not perfect, but who is? Is Ron? Wait till they pull false things on him.

    1. I totally agree with you on Trump. I believe him to be the only one who can save our Republic, and he has shown that. I vehemently disagreed with him on the covid “pandemic” (that wasn’t!), but just about everything else was spot on.

      If the Left weren’t so scared of him, they wouldn’t be pursuing him, planning to jail him on trumped up charges, including the classified documents nonsense. When I read that Pence won’t be prosecuted for more egregious violations of the same thing, without the presidential pardon reason, I was convinced that at all costs, the Left will try to prevent a Trump presidency. When I watched the documentary, “Trance”, it made me even more convinced that the Left needs to get rid of him and anyone else who opposes their agenda. Here’s a link:

      I also have read, but not verified, that DeSantis is involved with the WEF, and we certainly don’t need a president with those leanings!

  4. Pay we need all to be very careful about making rumors or claims… Whether you like DeSantis, or not be very careful about what you say about him, and every other candidate

    He has nothing to do with the world economic forum. He opposes it and has attacked it multiple times.

  5. You people are fooled. He is a globalist. He cannot be trusted. George Soros is backing him. DON’T BE FOOLED.

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