Hamas vs. Israel: Fight for Survival

Pure Evil- Hamas Terrorists VS Israel’s Fight for Survival [Powerful VIDEO Interview]

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It was beyond comprehension.

It was pure evil.

That’s how Senator Katie Britt from Alabama described her recent visit to Israel with Life, Liberty, and Levin host Mark Levin on his Sunday Fox News show.

The Senator was visibly shaken as she described the horror she saw in Israel—all through the lens of a Hamas terrorist’s Go-Pro body camera that Israeli soldiers recovered.

“We watched as they slaughtered individuals,” Britt told Levin. “They made parents watch as they shot their children. They made children watch their parents burn to death. It was disgusting and despicable… Good cannot exist with evil… We must look it in the eyes and take it down.”

Mark asked the Senator what she thought about the hundreds and thousands all across the US who are supporting the Hamas terrorists… College kids supporting terrorists… “What do you say to those people,” Levin asked.

“It’s unimaginable that people would be responding like this,” she told Levin. “We should be calling evil “evil.” The fact that we have those among us who are not able to do that is beyond comprehension, especially when Hamas wants to wipe Israel and the Jewish people off the ace of the planet—There is no way anyone should be able to defend that. What these people have to understand is that Hamas is holding the people of Gaza for ransom as well. We all have to stand firmly with Israel, the Jewish people, and against the hate.”

Mark then pointed out how no Arab country will take in any Palestinian refugees– They didn’t in the past, and they won’t now. Since they won’t do anything, it’s up to the Biden administration… Levin asked he what she thought of Biden’s response to the attack on Israel.

Britt didn’t have any encouraging words about Biden’s handling of the situation so far…
She did say we need to get tougher with Iran, the state sponsor of Hamas and other terrorist organizations in the Middle East. “We need bone-crushing sanctions on Iran,” Britt said.

“We need to freeze the $6 billion dollars we sent to Iran,” she said.

Watch the full interview of Sen. Katie Britt on Life, Liberty & Levin, describing her recent visit to Israel and President Biden’s handling of the Israel-Hamas war.

Want to help Israel? Here’s what you can do…

Israel is under attack!

The United Nations passed a resolution which is designed to undermine the sovereignty and safety of Israel.

The UN is encouraging more anti-Semitism, terrorism against innocent men, women, and children, and the economic collapse of Israel.

Don’t abandon our ally in the Middle East. Israel should not be forced to negotiate with the terrorist Palestinian Authority. Jerusalem should remain united, not divided.

Sign our petition to defund Stand with Israel and defund the United Nations.

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  1. Is this another typo? To defund Stand with Israel? I thought Stand with Israel actually stood with Israel. Am I wrong?

    I certainly agree that we should defund the United Nations. We should have done that long ago.

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