Presidential profile of Ron DeSantis

Presidential Profile: Florida Governor Ron DeSantis

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(Editor’s note: This is part of our continuing series for the presidential candidates for the 2024 election.)

Consistently in the polls, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis comes in a distant second to former President Donald Trump. DeSantis has had millions spent against him by Donald Trump, and he is also vilified by the Democrats and the media.

He is called “DeSanctimonious” by Trump and is his top target to destroy at Trump rallies and in media interviews.

DeSantis was one of the governors that opened their state from the Covid lockdowns and publicly regretted and apologized for going along with the Trump administration for 60 days.

California Governor Gavin Newsom has been DeSantis’ top public critic.

Who is DeSantis?

Republican politician Ron DeSantis was elected Governor of Florida in 2019.

Previously he was a member of the U.S. House of Representatives from 2013–18.

DeSantis studied law at Harvard University. He later joined the U.S. Navy in 2004 and became an officer in the Judge Advocate General’s Corps (JAG). His service included a stint at the naval base in Guantánamo Bay, Cuba.

His commendations include a Bronze Star for meritorious service.

In 2010 DeSantis left active duty but remained in the U.S. Navy Reserves. That year he also married Casey Black, a TV reporter, and local news anchor. The couple have 3 children.

DeSantis has positioned himself as the “likable” Trump alternative who will be the Republican’s woke warrior, fighting back against the radical socialist ideology and agenda.

During a recent speech, he gave examples of how he’s been fighting Disney, one of the most prominent purveyors of woke culture.

Disney and DeSantis have been battling ever since the Governor signed parental rights legislation. Disney publicly opposed the legislation and vilified DeSantis.

This prompted DeSantis to approve legislation ending Disney’s control over the Reedy Creek Improvement District.

During his speech, DeSantis said:

“Truth is enduring, they can cover it up, hide it, they can try to distort it, but at the end of the day, eventually, the lies and deceit fade away and truth is what remains. I believe that the truth will set us free. Now, this advent of woke ideology really represents a challenge to this. I think it’s a war on truth and because it’s a war on truth, we must wage a war on woke.”

DeSantis went on to talk about the trans movement that’s been taking over our schools.

“It is wrong for a teacher to instruct a student that they were born in the wrong body or that their gender is a choice. We should not have transgender ideology in our schools and in Florida, we have eliminated it, it’s not there, and if that means we had to stand up to a company like Disney, here I stand, I’m not backing down from that. I’m standing for the parents and the students of the state of Florida, and we are doing what is right,” DeSantis said.

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  1. Hi Craig- I have been following Ron DeSantis for at least couple of years listening to everything he has said and is doing. In fact, one of the first polls you sent I vote for him. I know what the polls are saying but remember when Hillary was running, she was way ahead of Trump in the polls and the rest is history. My opinion, can’t really go by polls.

    However, that said, I am now thinking Trump secifically because of all he has been put through. I am now starting to think I should be loyal to him, but is that any reason to vote for him? Very difficult decision to make…

    1. I am in agreement with supporting Donald Trump for president again. I believe there is a reason the leftist Democrats and Rhino Republicans are against President Trump, i.e. Chris Christy! Also I believe the Bush family is supporting Ron DeSantis, if this is the case, that will also cause me to support President Trump even more! His record speaks for itself, our enemies feared him and respected him because he did what he said he would do!

    2. Just look at his track record while he was in office. He helped this nation in many many ways. He will do it again and he will stand & fight for us no matter what. He is a Cyrus for America. He fights for religious freedom and is pro- life. He’ll close that border. He’ll bring the economy into a better place.

  2. I don’t trust Ron DeSantis my vote will be for President Trump.
    Governor DeSantis has too many bad people backing him.
    Our country will be as bad if he becomes President.
    This is my opinion.

  3. Ron DeSantis has been an effective governor. He opened up Florida in the summer of 2020. He has signed legislation protecting innocent human life and protecting children from the LGBT indoctrination crowd. He uses the legislative process to get things accomplished. When he is no longer governor, those laws will still be in place.
    I supported Pres. Trump in the past. His election was a godsend. He understands the importance of our founding principles. He understands the importance of protecting our own economy. He understands the threats of China, Iran, illegal immigration, lawlessness. He had the amazing goals of energy independence, secure borders, decreased federal regulation, and more. The relentless undermining of his administration by those who openly opposed him and by those within his own administration and party greatly diminished his ability to accomplish his goals.
    However, he was totally unable to manage an appropriate response to Covid. He said we would not be a socialist country and then spent hundreds of billions of dollars paying people to stay home. He had competent epidemiologists advising him and yet let Fauci dictate the federal response.
    DeSantis has many of the same goals as President Trump and also has experience in dealing with the backlash. He, like Trump, will fight. DeSantis has a vision of fighting for the truth, not just for us. Trump did fight for us, but we are not enough.

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