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Biden’s AI Order: Destructive, Dangerous, Possibly Unconstitutional

Date: NOVEMBER 21, 2023

Working with former President Barack Obama behind the scenes, President Biden worked with tech companies to shape Artificial Intelligence (AI) strategy and develop AI policies to regulate the new technology.

In his latest executive order (EO), Biden imposed federal regulation on the development of AI technology. The executive order gives emergency powers gleaned from the Defense Production Act enacted during the Korean War.

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Biden’s Digital Strategy and Invisible Army: A Winning Formula for 2024?

Date: NOVEMBER 15, 2023

Biden is using a successful political strategy to gain votes, volunteers, and donors through “influencers.”

For example, Biden’s digital strategy team will connect with “influencers” across the nation, targeting those who may not follow the White House or Democratic Party on social media – or who have “cut the cable cord” and tuned out mainstream media altogether.

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Behind the Curtain: Biden /DNC’s Odd New $25 million Marketing Campaign… [See Ads Below]

Date: september 26, 2023

Political insiders are surprised that Biden is spending over $25 million on YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram videos and broadcast and cable TV months before the election, something candidates don’t do.

As a 108 Award-winning marketing expert, I’m not surprised, just worried.

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Government Election Interference Escalates: Biden’s DOJ Now Wants to Censor Trump from Criticizing the Election Interference, Persecution, and Weaponization of the DOJ—6 Things You Should Know (And the Statement that Set the Deep State Heads Spinning)

Date: august 16, 2023

The Department of Justice (DOJ) has targeted former President Trump again…

They didn’t like what Trump posted on Truth Social that the DOJ is a “danger to democracy.”

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“Life of Linda” — Biden’s Depressing Nightmare Infographic: Not the American Dream

Date: january 25, 2023

Biden is struggling to convince Americans to support his pro-socialist “Build Back Better” Agenda.

To “convince” us that it’s a “great” program, the Biden Administration has released a series of infographics on the White House’s website called the “Life 

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Court Slams Biden’s COVID-19 Forced Vaccinations…Victory for Freedom in America: 7 Things Every American Should Know

Date: november 20, 2021

The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals just halted Biden’s forced vaccinations.

And it slammed the Biden Administration for trying to use the federal government bureaucracy to violate people’s personal choice.

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Finally…Satire: Joe Biden v. Catholicism

Date: november 19, 2021

I thought you would like this somewhat satire from The Federalist about Joe being portrayed as a “devout Catholic”: The Federalist states: “There’s been some confusion about journalists labeling Joe Biden a “devout Catholic.” For those of you who luckily don’t work in the media industry, let me fill you in.

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Falling into the Abyss: 5 Things Every Christian Needs to Know About “Catholic” Joe Biden

Date: february 26, 2021

A month before last November’s presidential election, Fr. Ed Meeks characterized the nation as “…staring into the abyss – stemming from our culture’s wholesale rejection of God and His law –

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China’s War on Freedom and America: Has President Biden Already Surrendered?

Date: february 19, 2021

China is determined to spread socialism around the world. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is devoted to seeing socialism exported from China… and devoted to destroying freedom and economic opportunity in America. One of the great worries we.

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Biden’s “Secret Army” Exposed in My Book on the Deep State

Date: january 15, 2021

I recently did a media interview about how Joe Biden’s set up a “secret army” – the Senior Executive Service (SES).

This elite group is now fully helping Joe Biden transform our politics, government and culture.

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The #1 Difference Between Trump and Biden

Date: november 3, 2020

The political insiders and lobbyists
The career politicians
The entrenched, unfireable, ideologically-driven bureaucrats
All these groups are opposing President Trump … and supporting Joe Biden.
What’s the biggest reason the bureaucrats are trying to embarrass Trump and help Biden?

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Abortion: Biden vs. Trump – 6 Things Every Voter Should Know

Date: OCTOBER 24, 2020

Where President Trump stands and where Joe Biden stands on the issue of abortion is critical to voters.

In this election, here are 6 things you should know:

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Keeping Them Honest: Joe Biden’s Big Tax Lie – 5 Things You Should Know

Date: september 26, 2020

Politicians exaggerate and twist facts.

Republican. Democrat. It doesn’t matter, you must skeptically evaluate their statements.

That is the case with Joe Biden’s false claim that his massive tax increase and pro-socialist policies

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Biden and the Democrat Party: Huge Effort to Convert Christian Voters [Video]

Date: september 17, 2020

Joe Biden and the Democrat Party convention had a completely organized effort to reach out to protestants, evangelicals, Catholics, the black church, Muslims and more.

The goal: to convert a coalition of “faith” voters for Biden/Harris and other Democrat candidates.

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Finally: The Joe Biden I Remember

Date: august 30, 2020

Finally, I first saw Joe Biden in 1988.

The drama was thick. To this day, I think of him as a….well watch this short 4-minute video of the Biden campaign in 1988.

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Joe Biden on Israel: 7 Disturbing Things You Should Know That the Media Isn’t Telling You

Date: may 30, 2020

Former Vice President Joe Biden’s just declared his plan on Israel if elected… and it is extremely disturbing.

Here are 7 things you should know that most Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, Jews, and Christians don’t know:

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Joe Biden Shocker: America Should Criminalize Christianity by Passing the Equality Act – 12 Things You Should Know

Date: september 13, 2019

Democrat presidential candidate front-runner Joe Biden shocked Christians by saying the “first thing” he would do as president would be to sign the so-called “Equality Act.”

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Joe Biden: Biding His Time to Run?

Date: february 17, 2016

The media loves to play out the drama among Republican candidates.

The fight between Establishment and outsider candidates. The fight between Trump and Cruz is dominating the airwaves.

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