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DeSantis vs. Trump: Laura Ingraham Surprised by Response On Why Not Trump? [VIDEO]

Date: OCTOBER 11, 2023

Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis was confronted by Laura Ingraham recently on her show on how he is different than Donald Trump.

Laura Ingraham started the interview by asking DeSantis about his poor poll numbers.

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Winners and Losers of the GOP Debate- Gavin Newsom? 4 Things You Should Know… [Videos- Highlights of the debate, Trump’s speech, and don’t miss Newsom Destroy Hannity]

Date: OCTOBER 11, 2023

Sparks flew in the contentious 2nd GOP debate.

Trump, who didn’t show up (see below for Trump highlights), was the media focus.

But was there a debate winner?

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Trump’s DC Radical Judge, a Bias Radical Activist—6 Things You Should Know Why This is Wrong, Corrupt, and Deep State Coordinated

Date: august 30, 2023

The Department of Justice is doing a gross injustice.

A judge overseeing the Jan. 6th case against Trump is a radical Democrat judicial activist.

Democrat activist and donor Jack Smith (Click HERE to see my article: The .

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Government Election Interference Escalates: Biden’s DOJ Now Wants to Censor Trump from Criticizing the Election Interference, Persecution, and Weaponization of the DOJ—6 Things You Should Know (And the Statement that Set the Deep State Heads Spinning)

Date: august 16, 2023

The Department of Justice (DOJ) has targeted former President Trump again…

They didn’t like what Trump posted on Truth Social that the DOJ is a “danger to democracy.”

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Babylon Bee: Trump Charged With Questioning Election Results While Not Being A Democrat

Date: AUGUST 7, 2023

The Babylon Bee is brilliant.
It’s satire that’s powerful.
Check out their hilarious article that will surely make you laugh…

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Trump appeared in court yesterday after Special Council Jack Smith charged him with the high crime of questioning his election results while not being a Democrat.

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Constitutional Crisis: Weaponized DOJ Indicts President Trump—Freedom and Justice are Danger– Powerful National Interview

Date: july 19, 2023

I just got off a national broadcast interview you’ll want to hear about President Trump’s inditement.

I said in the interview, “You don’t even have to like Trump to be outraged once you know what the DOJ is doing…. This is a preemptive attack on Trump because he’s exposed and tried to destroy the Deep State.”

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The Little-Known Dirty Little Secret Behind the DOJ Special Council to Destroy Trump: 3 Things You Should Know

Date: june 15, 2023

Behind the media and political rhetoric over Trump’s Department of Justice 31 count indictment is a little-known dirty little secret.

Attorney General Merrick Garland appointed Jack Smith as special counsel to investigate former President Trump over his possession of “classified” documents.

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5 Things You Should Know About the Presidential Race: Voter Guide, Latest Presidential Poll, Donald Trump, Ron DeSantis And More

Date: MARCH 11, 2023

Even though Ron DeSantis has not declared yet that he will run for president, he has the most popular support among all the potential Republican candidates outside of Donald Trump.

His track record of defending freedom and standing up against the media and

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Trump, DeSantis, Pence: Controversy Erupts Over 2024 Presidential Poll and Interview

Date: NOVEMBER 22, 2022

Emotions got hot. Very hot.

Donald Trump announced he was running for president in 2024 and we asked readers to vote in our Presidential Poll (see our poll HERE).

And Mike Pence is one of a dozen others who also will probably run.

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Trump To Run for President: What Do You Think — Will You Support Him or Not?

Date: NOVEMBER 17, 2022

Former President Donald Trump just announced that he will be running for president once again.

Trump launched his third bid for the White House, declaring, “America’s comeback starts right now.”

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7 Disturbing Things You Should Know About the Judge who Approved the Trump Raid

Date: SEPTEMBER 9, 2022 

The judge that approved the unprecedented raid on Trump’s house is an anti-Trump, judicial activist.

Here are 7 disturbing things you should know about Magistrate Judge Reinhart:

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The Real Reason the FBI Raided Trump: 13 Things Every American Should Know

Date: AUGUST 10, 2022

The weaponized and politicized FBI raid on Trump is reminiscent of Venezuela, not America.

The political raid by the FBI on President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Florida home is important. In fact, it’s MORE important, than Trump himself.

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Trump’s Second Impeachment: 11 Little-Known Facts Every American Should Know

Date: FEBRUARY 11, 2021

Impeachment… an unprecedented second time for former President Trump…

Many are confused about:

Whether there should be an impeachment trial against former President Trump.

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Abortion: Biden vs. Trump – 6 Things Every Voter Should Know

Date: OCTOBER 24, 2020

Where President Trump stands and where Joe Biden stands on the issue of abortion is critical to voters.

In this election, here are 6 things you should know:

1. Complete Opposite Positions. This election is turning out to be a fight

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Censorship and Election Manipulation: How Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Google are at War with President Trump, Conservatives, Liberaltarians and Christians… And Manipulating the 2020 Election [Video]

Date: MAY 30, 2020

Democrats and Republicans should both agree that election manipulation is wrong.
But it’s happening now.
I have been censored by YouTube.
I have been censored by Facebook.

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Undemocratic: Banning President Trump from the 2020 Ballot

Date: MAY 17, 2019

It’s ridiculous. But they are dead serious…
17 states are trying to take President Trump off their 2020 presidential ballot.


Politics. Pure and simple.
It’s because Trump’s enemies are demanding he release his income tax returns to the public.

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Under the Radar: 5 Surprising Realities about the Federal Reserve, the Swamp, and President Trump’s Controversial New Appointee [Video]

Date: APIRL 5, 2019

Heads are spinning in Washington once again – this time over President Trump’s appointment of Stephen Moore to the Federal Reserve Board…

Over the years I’ve written about how the Federal Reserve System – called the Fed – has made terrible mistakes…

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Deep State Tactic to “Get” President Trump: Tell Lies Often Enough Until the General Public Starts to Believe Them [Video]

Date: MARCH 14, 2019

In the past few weeks we’ve described 12 shocking and unprecedented actions the Deep State has been taking to force President Trump out of office. These actions began even before he won the 2016 election … and before he was inaugurated on January 20th, 2017. Click here and here to review those articles.

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Astonishing Revelations: Final 6 of 12 Shocking Deep State Coup d’Etat Actions Intended to Remove President Trump from Office [Videos]

Date: MARCH 1, 2019

Last week we revealed here that the Department of Justice … the FBI … the CIA and NSA … have all been conducting a silent, behind-the-scenes coup d’etat to remove President Trump from office.

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