President Trump’s Historic Presidential Declaration Causes Media’s, Bureaucrats’ and Socialist Governors’ Heads to Spin [Watch Presidents Declaration Video]

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What exactly is an “essential business”? Every state governor and politician seem to have a different answer.

As you know, “essential” businesses have been allowed to stay open, while non-essential businesses have been forced to close … and remain closed indefinitely.

In many places, liquor stores, pot shops – and of course, abortion clinics – have been deemed essential – while places of worship and prayer are considered non-essential.

On Friday, May 22, 2020, President Trump made a special declaration.

Before the world, he spoke at a press conference with one powerful, clear message:

Churches have been discriminated them now!

He has made an official declaration that churches are essential businesses.

He said, “churches should be opened now.”

In other words, your church can now — based on the President of the United States’ declaration – meet for prayer, for Bible studies, for Sunday morning services, for mid-week service, for special meetings…you can now meet.

Trump said “Houses of worship are essential. Open right now. In America we need more prayers.”

Obviously, the media is claiming it’s a wrong decision that will spike the Coronavirus death rate … it’s contrary to the medical experts … and it’s anti-science.

Bureaucrats who are trying to control religious services are angry and declaring the president wrong because he isn’t listening to their dictates for control and power.

And the governors and mayors who have tried to suppress and delay church openings unnecessarily, have just now been told they can no longer do so.

In fact, the President said that he would be happy to talk to any of the politicians in order to explain his decision, but he is not going to change it.

Frankly, this should have been done weeks ago. It should never have happened that Christian First Amendment rights were trampled.

It should never have happened that Planned Parenthood, Costco, Liquor Stores were officially declared open, but churches were not.

Watch the President’s declaration. It’s just a few minutes but its powerful, clear and changes everything–even in those states where hostility towards Christianity has delayed church openings.

I recently mentioned that my wife and I were in Tennessee and went to church there. It was awesome to be in a fellowship where people were worshipping together.

Your church should be meeting this Sunday.

Your church should be getting together. There is no excuse for further delay.

Now let’s proclaim the gospel.

Let’s pray that there will be a revival that will sweep across America. Let’s pray that those who are broken and hurting will find salvation — that those who are afraid and anxious … who have lost their jobs and lost their businesses … who need help in this economic crisis can find answers in the house of God.

“Not forsaking the assembling of [ourselves] together, as is the manner of some, but exhorting one another….” —Hebrews 10:25

“Enter His gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise.”— Psalm 100:4

“For a day in Your courts is better than a thousand outside. I would rather stand at the threshold of the house of my God than dwell in the tents of wickedness.” —Psalm 84:10

Finally, to those pastors who obeyed God and not man, I honor you.

For pastors like Jack Gibbs, Calvary Chapel Chino Hills and Pastor Ken Graves, Calvary Chapel Bangor Maine. And hundreds of others that have done what is right despite harassment threats of jail, fines, and intimidation, they stood for what was right and good.

Let’s pray for the President. Let’s pray for your church and other churches – that churches reopening will see massive attendance.

Watch the president’s declaration here (2 ½ minutes).

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  1. Thanks Mr. Huey for being a voice of courage, conviction and hope in these uncertain times. I was elated when I heard the president’s address to the country stating that churches are essential and to reopen. Due to the massive misinformation going on about COVID-19, wearing masks and social distancing, now more than ever we must speak up for our rights and for the reopening of our country. The modules are wrong and flattening the line is not equitable. Considering the amount of people that die every year from other diseases, we are right on schedule and some dieseas are much more fatal than COVID-19(the new flu). I hope church goes start doing there own research and not become fearful because of the social media and news networks. However, we should be much more fearful of the deadly virus that is able to kill body and soul..the virus of sin. President Trump I am with you and praying for your re-election.

  2. We need to step up with a civil revolt against what is occurring and what is yet to come. Congressional Bill H.R. 6666 which is allegedly coming up for vote is also referred to as the “Tracking Bill”. Making it legal to mandate the tracking of all people in the United States. I foresee mandated vaccines coming into play. No longer freedom of choice with regard to medical procedures. Invasion of privacy. No traveling unless vaccinated. No personal/private medical records. Wake up folks. Please!

  3. Yes, houses of worship need to be opened for services ASAP, but following scientific guidelines (masks, social spacing, etc.) and hopefully continuing streaming their services for self-quarantined worshipers, and others who will feel endangered if they reenter the public arena too soon. I personally have four of the six conditions which make corona virus so dangerous. I have a doctor’s appointment next month and and am required to wear a mask, to protect myself and the doctor and his staff. We are scheduled to attend an out of state wedding celebration in the fall but my wife said I should not go unless I can receive a vaccination before then (not likely). This pandemic is unusual in that it affects people in so many different ways. You might call it “the clown prince of diseases”, because when scientists think it is understood it pops up and says “Ha ha ha, Gotcha” with a new symptom.

    What multitudes on the left and the right don’t understand is that the English word “church” is a translation of the Greek word “ekklesia”,, translated literally as “those called out”, not a building. Nowhere in the Christian bible is a “church building” mentioned. Some, or probably many, met in buildings, including private homes. But the persecuted Christians in Rome met for a while in the catacombs, literally underground mausoleums. Even today persecuted Christians in other parts of the world meet secretly, probably in small groups in many different venues.

  4. This is the most violent aggressive action against our constitutional rights I have ever witnessed. This would end our America and our freedoms as we have known it thus far. I am willing to fight to my death to preserve our rights. God Bless America and all who believe in it.

  5. You know, though I of course agree with you that Trump is more correct than his opponents on this issue (churches certainly are essential), I wish there were more and stronger pushback against the whole idea of government officials, whether faith-attacking secular governors or a faith-defending president, telling the people of this country what is and isn’t essential. The situation is so bad that people who just want to make a living, and to choose what risks they freely take with their own health and lives, feel they have to explain why their particular job should also be considered essential (“feeding my family is essential”). In a free society, that an individual just happens to value something enough to think it essential (whether it’s a job, a recreational activity like surfing, or something else) actually makes it essential for that individual. No further justification should have to be provided to government.

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