Political Correctness in the San Bernardino Islamic Terrorist Attack

Craig Huey Government, Congress, and Politics Leave a Comment

The liberal/progressive media and politicians just don’t know what to say about the Islamic terrorists in San Bernardino.

  • Former FBI Assistant Director Tom Fuentes and CNN’s Harry Houck talked about a “right-wing” attack
  • MSNBC and other liberals talked about San Bernardino being another Planned Parenthood attack
  • The Attorney General and President Obama talked about “workplace” violence
  • Hillary Clinton and liberal politicians ignored terrorism and said the solution is gun control
  • NBC’s Kenny Saunders suggested the attack was because it was a Christmas party
  • CNN said that one of the victims was a Messianic Jew… so obviously that prompted it

Terrorism. Islamic terrorism.

That’s the truth. The reality. The fact.

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