Political Correctness Gone Mad: 6 Outrageous Assaults on Values, Choices and Freedoms You May Have Missed

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  1. College-Age Brainwashing: 2/3 of college undergraduates believe “rioting and looting” is justified.
  2. Censorship of Black Conservatives/Libertarians: Conservative/strict constructionist Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas – who is Black – has a documentary that was scheduled to run on Amazon Prime during Black history month…but it was cancelled by Amazon prime.
  3. Modern Book Burning: The radical, pro-socialist National Education Association is telling schools to censor or cancel reading Dr. Seuss. Why? They looked at 50 Dr. Seuss books and found not enough diversity, and found “orientalism, anti-blackness and white supremacy.”
  4. Drag Queen Minister? The Methodist Church in Illinois ordained a homosexual who is also a drag queen. The church in April held “Drag Sunday” where he wore a wig and full make up.
  5. Beating Newsom: The leading Republican candidates? There are about 50 candidates running for the Newsom recall in California. The biggest buzz: Transgender Caitlyn Jenner. No Kidding. It’s a circus. Next week we will give you the inside scoop on the race.
  6. Schools keeping Parents and Taxpayers from the Truth: Public/government schools are secretly teaching kids the Marxist, racist critical race theory (CRT). Finally, some had enough. In Texas, two incumbents were defeated (union backed). Two great anti-CRT candidates did the impossible and won with 70% of the vote.  

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  1. It is a liberal socialist marxist frenzy to do as much damage as they! To put in place radical laws, judges, politicians and imbed socialist in every municipal & state agency!

  2. I will tell you my major objections to the vaccination program that you think all folks should participate in.

    1. The so-called vaccines were developed from fetai tissues. A baby was sacrificed by the researchers. That would be murder to me. Not all Christians believe this but my God wants me to work out my salvation according to my conscience. Franklin Graham accepted the inoculation but clearly he leaves the decision up to each Christian.

    2. The so-called vaccines fail to both protect the recipients from getting the illness in the future, and allows the recipients to pass the illness to others. The vaccinate and unvaccinated both face the same health issues. If you disagree, then only time will tell what is true.

    3. The herd metaphor is the only rational that seems applicable. Regardless of individual risk or disgust, a herd can be forced to comply because the authority believes in it’s righteousness and it’s mandate to use force for the good of the herd. This is contrary to our Constitutional rights. I would be a rebel if this tyranny replaces our Republic.

    4. Our leftist government wants to pretend that it respects the God given rights enumerated in our Constitution that protect us from despotic commands, by establish unwritten contracts with private and state institutions to exclude the unvaccinated from commerce, travel, entertainment, and educational venues. The power of ostracism and exclusion now proposed to force everyone to comply. Some state governors are demanding a measured degree of compliance before they allow citizens to be able to enjoy citizenship as before the declaration of the pandemic and the imposition of national socialistic regulations. They have crossed the Rubicon.

    In summary, I remain hopeful that a better science will emerge with a vaccine that is effective and which I can elect, unburdened by the manner in which I am treated, which at this time is offensive.

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