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Persecuted for Christ: Riots, Violence and Dangers for Christian Mom

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For over 8 years, I have written about a mom of five who faces death – because she is a Christian.

Aasia Bibi and her family were the only Christians in her village in 2009 when she was accused of blaspheming the Muslim prophet Muhammad.

She was convicted in 2010 of violating Pakistan’s blasphemy laws … and was sentenced to death.

After 8 years of worldwide prayer and legal appeals, Pakistan’s Supreme Court just recently gave Aasia Bibi her life and her freedom back when it overturned her conviction and released her.

Violent protests immediately broke out throughout the country…

Roads and schools were closed … and phone services were shut down…

One Islamic group has called for the Supreme Court judges to be murdered.

Until Aasia Bibi and her family can leave Pakistan, their safety and their lives are in jeopardy – so much so that Bibi has been returned to prison for her own safety.

The lives of Pakistan’s 2.5 million Christians are also in danger.

Bibi’s husband and children are in hiding, constantly moving from place to place. They can no longer be contacted.

Although Supreme Court decisions in Pakistan normally can’t be appealed, the government – under extreme pressure – has agreed to allow 2 Muslim clerics to present their case for overturning the ruling.

To have any hope of avoiding being murdered by Muslim extremists, Aasia Bibi and her family must leave Pakistan…

But safe escape and travel can only be arranged at a government level.

Please pray for Aasia Bibi, her husband and their 5 children:

  • That God will guard and protect them
  • That the Pakistani government will work with another nation’s government to arrange safe passage to a new country
  • That they will receive effective protection in their new location so that Muslim extremists will not be able to find them and kill them.

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  1. Oh merciful Father God I pray for Aasia Bibi’s safety, and her family’s safety! Please bring them home Lord!!! ❤️

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