Disturbing: Palestinian Assault on Israel Escalates – Yet the U.S. Continues Giving them Foreign Aid [Video]

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Islamic terrorists are being paid to murder Israeli citizens … and U.S. foreign aid is supporting it!

It’s called the “Pay-for-Slay” law…

Last year the Palestinian Authority paid out $347 million to terrorists serving prison sentences – and their families.

Terrorists serving 3- to 5-year prison sentences receive $580 per month – equivalent to the average Palestinian income.

Additional stipends are added for wives and children.

Terrorists sentenced to 20 years or more receive over $2,900 per month for their entire lives.

The length of the prison sentence usually corresponds to the number of civilians killed … and whether or not they are Israeli citizens.

An Arab terrorist who holds Israeli citizenship is paid an additional bonus of $145 per month.

Meanwhile … U.S. foreign aid to the Palestinians totals approximately $600 million annually – almost twice what the Palestinian Authority is paying its terrorists!

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas told President Trump’s senior advisor Jared Kushner that he won’t stop payments to convicted terrorists until his “dying day.”

Why are we rewarding the Palestinian Authority for sending financial payments to Islamic terrorists?

Watch this 2-minute video of Rand Paul introducing a bill to cut off aid to the Palestinian Authority until they renounce all ties to terrorism.

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