Appalling: The Liberal Makeover of Our Children

Outrageous: Liberal Transformation of Our Kids

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Historic … and sweeping change in our society as Obama and his attorney general Loretta Lynch want to force every government school in America to abide by their moral and ethical standards.

If you disagree with their social agenda, Obama defines you as a bigot.

If you support common sense, that a male should not be showering with a female, or a female should not be in a boy’s bathroom … you’re intolerant and insensitive.

Forget common sense.

Forget privacy for the vast majority.

Forget safety.

About Obama’s perverse bathroom and shower dictates, here are five things that you need to know about the President’s latest executive overreach.

  1. This is a further extension of the liberal agenda to transform our schools.
  2. This move ignores the rights of local schools and states
  3. This ignores the needs of the majority of kids, who also need to feel safe in their schools.
  4. This orders carries a veiled threat to withhold federal funding from schools which do not comply with this transgender policy.
  5. Parents with common sense should enroll their children in private schools or homeschool them.

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