Bible is being outlawed.

Outlaw the Bible? Your help is needed today.

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Your help is urgently needed today.

AB 2943- the dangerous bill that makes it illegal for Christians in California to offer Biblical therapy or counseling to homosexuals- will be put up in August for the State Senate to vote on.

AB 2943 could lead to more horrific violations of religious freedom, including the outlaw of the sale of the Bible.

I have received reports from State Senators that tell me how shocked they are by the number of phone calls and emails they are getting from their districts with regards to AB 2943.

This is great progress…but we need your help to keep fighting.

We cannot stop now.

The progressive forces behind this bill want to make it law.

The progressive forces behind this bill want to censor truth and freedom.

The progressive forces behind this bill want us to ignore Biblical doctrine to accommodate their secular views.

The only way we’re going to stop AB 2943 is to mobilize residents of California to raise their voice against this bill.

The way to mobilize people in California is to get as many signatures as possible on the petition.

And to get more signatures on the petition, we need your help.

We need to spread the word and make sure every person in California has a chance to raise their voice and sign the petition against AB 2943.

When more people become aware of this horrific bill and sign the petition, more people will call State Senators to protest and express their concern.

You can download the petition for your friends and family here:

But the most effective way for us to make more people aware of this terrible bill by signing the petition is to do a massive campaign. It’s that simple.

To get new people to sign, we need money badly to be able to do a digital campaign.

This is what the Progressive Left does so successfully.

With your help, we’ll be able to expand our influence and defeat of this bill.

Will you help us by donating $10 or more so that we can get the word out and mobilize people in California?

Without your help, it’s not going to happen. With your help, it CAN happen.

Click here to donate:

Or you can write a check payable to Election Forum and send to:

21171 S. Western Ave, Suite 260

Torrance, CA 90501

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    1. There is a committee hearing then the full Senate and the governor… So it is hard to say… at least another three weeks

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