Oregon Evil: Gun Violence? Or Violent Persecution of Christians?

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Another school shooting…. Another tragedy….

And the left capitalizes on this tragedy to push gun control laws.

In response to the Roseburg shooting, President Obama said: “We know that the states with the most gun laws tend to have the fewest gun deaths. So the notion that gun laws don’t work, or just will make it harder for law-abiding citizens and criminals will still get their guns is not born out by the evidence.”

But that statement is a bold-faced lie.

Here are the top 15 states with the strictest gun laws, ranked in order:

1. California

2. New Jersey

3. Massachusetts

4. New York

5. Connecticut

6. Hawaii

7. Maryland

8. Rhode Island

9. Illinois

10. Pennsylvania

11. Michigan

12. North Carolina

13. Colorado

14. Oregon

15. Washington


Now, here are the facts about gun violence in these states:

Roseburg is in Oregon, which has stricter gun laws than 36 other states.

The Columbine and Aurora shootings both occurred in Colorado, which has stricter gun laws than 37 other states – almost 3/4 of the nation.

California is the #1 most restrictive gun law state – and also has 4 of the top 30 “murder capitals.”

Connecticut, the #5 state with most restrictive gun laws, was where the Newton tragedy occurred.

Baltimore, #11 on the list of the top 30 murder capitals, is in Maryland – the 7th state with most restrictive gun laws.

The facts not only don’t support what President Obama said – they contradict it.

Obama is lying to the American people in order to advance unconstitutional gun control policies that put people in more harm.

The politicians were vocal about gun control.

But curiously silent about the apparent targeting of some Christians.

The media – ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC – were vocal on gun control and silent on the apparent targeting of Christians.

The shooter in Oregon killed 13 people. Before he shot them, he asked a few of them if they were Christians – shooting them in the head if they said yes, and in the legs if they said no or didn’t answer.

Now, imagine if the shooter had said he was a Christian instead, and asked his victims if they were gay before shooting them.

The media and politicians would be outraged. They would attack “homophobia” with full force, even at the expense of free speech and religious liberty. Christian beliefs in marriage would be criminalized. Christians would be monitored and maybe even be sent to “reeducation” camps.

Even if the victims were Muslims, the media would condemn the evil of “Islamophobia.”

Or just remember the evil in Charleston, where the shooter was found to be a white supremacist. The media and politicians saw the evil of racism and the issue of race relations in America was again scrutinized. Those victims were also targeted as Christians – but the faith component was ignored.

Yes, we must look at prescription drugs and their side effects. And mental illness. But also, the growing intolerance for people of faith in America.

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