Obamacare: One Last Chance to Repeal and Replace With Something Better [Video]

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Obamacare has failed … and is collapsing.

  • Premiums have skyrocketed.
  • Deductions are too high.
  • Quality of healthcare is going down.
  • And because of government, expect growing wait times, less choice and worsening inferior care.

Now Republicans are trying once again to repeal and replace Obamacare.

Look for another dramatic Senate vote before Sept. 30th.

Every attempt to come up with a GOP-sponsored healthcare bill has caused infighting among its own ranks.

The best GOP bill would be complete repeal of Obamacare, turning healthcare over to the free marketplace system of competition and lowered costs.

But that won’t happen anytime soon. So, stopping the worst parts of Obamacare now rests with the Graham-Cassidy plan, the latest GOP version of repeal and replace.

Some rightly don’t like the federal taxation and control that hurts us all.

Two other Republican senators are upset over provisions that would restrict federal money for Planned Parenthood abortions.

“The Republican plan doesn’t fix the death spiral of Obamacare, it simply subsidizes it,” Paul explained.

Highlights of the repeal and replace bill include:

  1. It would fundamentally change how states and the federal governments divide the cost of providing healthcare through block grants to the states.
  2. The measure will give states broad new authority to completely overhaul their healthcare systems.
  3. The Graham-Cassidy proposal will eliminate federal assistance that allowed 31 states to expand Medicaid coverage in a fiscally unsustainable manner.
  4. The bill will eliminate tax subsidies that the current law makes available to moderate-income consumers who shop for coverage on state insurance exchanges.
  5. It will repeal mandates that require Americans to buy health coverage and require large employers to provide health benefits.
  6. It will loosen restrictions on health savings accounts, allowing Americans to make broader use of the tax-free accounts to pay health insurance premiums as well as medical bills.
  7. The bill will eliminate taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood.

The bill will restore choice, lessen bureaucracy, lower premiums and lower deductibles.

The bill’s authors say it would lead to better care and lower costs.

Please, call or write your representative or senator and tell them to pass it, because the alternative is a monster you don’t want to tangle with: “single payer.”


We warned you about the coming healthcare storm.

Now, here it is. “Single payer.”

Sen. Bernie Sanders proposed his socialistic-inspired “Medicare for All Act of 2017,” with the support of 16 Senate Democrats.

That’s right, government-run socialistic healthcare for you and your family.

This is the same Bernie Sanders whose state of Vermont tried, then abandoned, a “single payer” healthcare system when it was about to bankrupt them.

If coming close to bankrupting his own state wasn’t enough, Bernie wants to bankrupt America, too.

The nonpartisan Urban Institute says a “single payer” system would cost the federal government over $32 trillion in the first decade, requiring your annual tax to increase to $24,000 per household.

Of course, progressives say that cost would be partially offset by a reduction in private healthcare spending, and state/local government spending.

Since when have costs ever been lowered through state and federal spending?

President Trump called Bernie’s plan a “curse on the U.S. and its people.”

Should such a plan pass Congress, Trump promises to veto it.


The catastrophe that is Obamacare has given rise to an even bigger nightmare.

By failing to come up with a Repeal and Replace of the Affordable Care Act, the Republicans have opened the door for a socialistic healthcare program like “single payer,” which just does not work.

There is no ceiling as to what “single payer” will cost you. And once you have no choice, the government can keep demanding more money from you to keep the system afloat.

Pie-in-the-sky promises are not reality:

  • Remember how Obama said the ACA will save you thousands of dollars annually in healthcare costs? Premiums have skyrocketed every year, and your family is paying more than ever for healthcare.
  • Remember how you could keep your doctor if you wanted to? Many families lost their doctor due to coverage rules.
  • Remember how you could keep your plan? Many families lost their healthcare plans due to coverage rules.

This is government-run healthcare. They tell you what to do.


The progressive media will be working overtime to sell you on “single payer.”

One of the selling points, according to Sanders, is it would save middle-class families thousands of dollars a year by eliminating their private insurances costs and replacing it with a publicly funded program.

Where have you heard this before? Oh, that’s right, Obamacare, which has proven itself a financial nightmare for Americans and is collapsing on itself.

And just how much is that, Mr. Sanders?

Sanders places the annual national cost at $1.2 trillion. How can that be when it is projected to cost just California a whopping $400 billion a year.

Single payer may sound good until:

  • You realize your healthcare existence is run by a slow-moving, bloated bureaucratic government
  • Your quality of healthcare, without competition, declines.
  • You get the bill in the form of skyrocketing taxes (Hey, somebody has to pay for this, might as well be you)
  • You can’t see your doctor
  • You can’t have your operation
  • You may not get the drugs or care you need or want
  • The private sector drives healthcare innovation, not the government.
  • Doctors and hospitals will have no choice but accept whatever reimbursement rate the government mandates. So, expect the corps of doctors to dwindle and hospitals to go out of business.
  • Based on other countries embracing “single payer,” medical salaries will decline. There will be no incentives to do great work.
  • You get tired of waiting… and die.

It’s not far-fetched. Long wait times are the hallmark of government-run healthcare systems.

In a telling sign of just how bad, a Canadian doctor on Bernie Sanders’ own Podcast admitted that it could take an entire year to see a specialist.

If you have migraines and need to see a neurologist, it could take months, the doctor said. Hip or knee replacement? Months to a year wait!

Look at the recent debacle in England with Baby Charlie Gard … the government would not even let the parents seek care elsewhere to try and save their child.

But if you live in the dream world Utopia that progressive leftists occupy, you think nothing of:

  • Spending other people’s money until it runs out.
  • Taxing working families to the breaking point. Which makes you think, why work if government-run healthcare is free for everybody?
  • Bankrupting a nation to achieve a goal, in this case a socialistic, share-the-wealth scheme.

If we ever needed the GOP-controlled Congress to repeal and replace Obamacare, the time is now.

Watch this powerful 4-minute video on why government-controlled healthcare doesn’t work.

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  1. I’m wondering why you deleted your previous posting (containing my comments) and substituted with this re-post on the very same subject. I need you to know I am fiscally very conservative. And, am very in-tune with economics. However, because I have “been there”, as far as healthcare is concerned, am empathetic with the desperate need to fix our miserable healthcare system—which has never served ‘everyone’. It is currently only available to those working for the Government; a large employer; the wealthy; and, of course those with no assets who use the Emergency rooms for their healthcare—which the rest of us pay for because the hospitals are reimbursed with money stolen, by Congress, from our Medicare. The “Free Market” has had 75 years to come up with a better system. However, their only incentive is their bottom line. Multi-millions of people who are out of work, work for small companies, or are self employed as small business-people have no health insurance. Add to that, previous to a Government mandate, even those with some pre-existing conditions (the vast majority of us, including myself) couldn’t get health insurance. Now, It has been suggested that instead of changing the entire health system, why not simply focus on those who are not able to get health insurance for any of many reasons. This would seem to be the most viable answer to the problem—and, would actually be much simpler, and the most cost effective approach I have heard to date.

  2. “The best GOP bill would be complete repeal of Obamacare, turning healthcare over to the free marketplace system of competition and lowered costs.”

    You are absolutely right. But the GOP has accepted the premise that the federal government ought to be in control of, and intimately involved in, our health care. That control and involvement is what has led to the health care problems we now have.

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