New, outrageous proposal: IRS targeting political opponents

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Fairness–in trouble


In third-world countries, arms of the central government are used to smash, silence or imprison political opponents.

   Are we headed in the same direction here in the U.S., with the IRS being one of the agencies being used?

Bill Elliott is a stage 4 cancer survivor. His health insurance was canceled because of Obamacare. He then told his story and complained on Fox News. He is now being audited by the IRS. These kinds of stories are being duplicated throughout the country.

Some of the high-profile cases include Dr. Ben Carson. Dr. Carson had never been in trouble with the IRS until he addressed the National Prayer Breakfast. President Obama was present when Dr. Carson embarrassed the President with his suggestions and objections concerning healthcare and the national deficit.

   And, we are all aware of how the IRS has tried to destroy or make ineffective the Tea Party, pro-life organizations and the Christian ministries like Samaritan’s Purse or Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.

And just as bad, the IRS illegally gave to liberal groups the donor list of conservative groups.

   Now, President Obama’s IRS has issued a new targeting program toward conservative and Christian groups.

Outlawed under the new rule are nonpartisan voter guides (like the ones we do), spoken forums, pamphlets or voter registration drives.

   It does not cover the League of Women Voters or unions.

But if a group wants to educate voters on…say…our massive debt or problems about Obamacare, the group would lose its tax-exempt status. Their targeting is designed to crush Tea Party-type groups.

   The new rule accomplishes several goals:

  1. Silence groups.
  2. Run them out of business.
  3. Decrease their effectiveness by undermining their fundraising ability.
  4. Provide cover for President Obama, but justifying illegal IRS activity.

The White House crackdown on its political opponents is aimed at silencing or destroying opposing groups.

   These types of attacks need to stop. And the only way it’s going to happen is if we start winning elections in 2014.

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