Fresh Fireworks Erupt: Clash Between Clinton and Sanders.

New Fireworks Explode: Clinton v. Sanders

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The Democratic Presidential debate was contentious.

In their fourth debate, and final debate before the Iowa caucuses, the three remaining Democratic Presidential contenders fought over who would fight to provide taxes, government, spending, a larger federal government, more free healthcare, more gun control, and more punitive regulations for Wall Street.

Hillary Clinton praised Obamacare, while Sanders demanded a Medicare type change in healthcare, one completely run by the federal government.

Vermont’s US Senator Bernie Sanders broke Clinton’s aura of inevitability further by talking about her big donations, especially Hillary’s $600,000 speaking fees from Goldman Sachs.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton fired at Sanders for every pro-gun bill he voted for in Congress, while Sanders boasted about his D- rating from the NRA.

Hillary endorsed Obama’s eight years of government paralysis and debt, basically saying she would provide an Obama third term. She also managed to slam all cops, that they needed re-education.

The friction between once-front runner Clinton and rising star Sanders may shock the Democratic political establishment in the months to come.

For a look at the GOP, see last week’s here.

Here are several video highlights:

Sanders attacks Clinton over her Goldman Sachs speaker fees.

Sanders attacks Big Banks, praises former Republican President.

Sanders and Clinton fire at each other over guns.

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