New Mask Mandates for You and Your Family

New COVID Shots? Biden Pushes for More COVID Money for Big Pharma and New Mask Mandates for You and Your Family

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Is this the start of a second round of government coercion insanity?

They told you that the COVID-19 vaccine would prevent you from getting it… It didn’t.

They told you that the COVID-19 vaccine would stop the spread of the virus… It doesn’t.

They said wearing masks works to help protect you from COVID and prevent the spread… They don’t.

They told you the COVID-19 vaccine was safe and had mild side effects…

It’s not.

Now, the Biden administration is warning the public about a new COVID variant, and some federal and state bureaucracies, universities, and the media are calling for mask mandates again.

Biden recently announced that he plans to ask Congress for $40 million in additional taxpayer money for developing a new COVID vaccine.

“It will likely be recommended that everybody get it no matter whether they’ve gotten it before or not,” Biden said.

Board-certified neurosurgeon Dr. Brett Osborn commented on the push for new vaccines, saying, “COVID-related deaths are decreasing yearly. So, do we need a new vaccine? The current vaccines confer protection against omicron and, to a degree, its subvariants, such as EG.5 or Eris. Only at-risk populations, including seniors and those with multiple medical comorbidities, such as type II diabetes and obesity, should get the vaccine.

The remainder of the population — those who are categorically low-risk — have little to worry about, as is the case with influenza.”

What do you think? Has the insanity started again?

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  1. Please be accurate. Show me where it said getting the vaccine prevented one from getting COVID. I believe they said it could prevent one from dying.

  2. I will respond in a cautious manner, not rushing to be an early recipient, and observe carefully the results of this round of mass inoculation. I will look to trusted sources rather than CDC and the pharmaceutical industry for their reccomendations. If the disease is more dangerous than the so-called vaccines toxicity, I will consider taking a chance on it. The last pandemic doesn’t give me much confidence in our public health system. Reforms seem to be required.

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