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Nationwide Revival: How the Most Unlikely Group Has Triggered a Nationwide Movement to Jesus and Repentance [Must-Hear Radio Interview]

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The Media is mocking it…

Some are trying to stop it…

The “Nones” hate it…

But it’s growing… And growing…

Of course, I’m talking about the revival that started in Asbury, Kentucky (see my article Spontaneous Revival: What You Should Know About the Amazing College Revival Inspiring the Nation.

I just got off a national broadcast interview you’ll want to hear.

National Broadcaster Bill Martinez and I discussed how the Holy Spirit is touching lives, and how it’s spreading across the country… especially among generation ‘Z.’

As I explained to Bill, “Generation Z is the most confused, angry, disturbed generation… They don’t know God and are the most anti-Christian and anti-Bible.

They believe Christians are haters, which is why they are angry at Christians. But God chose these 18–25-year-olds to have a revival on these college campuses, and it’s spreading… Hopefully, around the world. God chooses the foolish things of this world to confound the wise.

We also discussed the new movie, Jesus Revolution, and how I believe its timing is no accident.

The film takes us back to the Jesus revolution of young people I was a part of in California. It tells the story of an unlikely revival, much like the one happening today, of kids in rebellion, on drugs, into radical politics and anti-Christian culture, who knew nothing of God or the church. It shows how this youth movement changed hearts and minds around the country and the world. [Click Here to listen]

We also talked about these pressing topics:

  • Why the media is confused and mystified by the movement
  • Why God chose young people for a revival
  • Why Jesus is touching empty secular lives
  • How the “Nones” want to shut the revival down
  • My own perspective and experience of the revival of the 70s and today.

Listen to my exciting in-depth interview — it’s 20 minutes long.

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