You Can Be the Miracle Our Nation Needs … If You Act Now

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You get to be the miracle our nation needs …

You get to help change the face of politics and culture in our nation …

You get to help shift the 2020 election outcome.

Don’t miss this opportunity….

You see, we’ve just experienced the most critical midterm election in decades.

We lost many great candidates…such as Congressman Dana Rohrbacher in the 48th District in California. Dana has stood up for the persecuted church with his historic “Save the Christians from Genocide” bill … and his support for persecuted pastors in Communist China.

We also lost Scott Walker in Wisconsin. Scott is a firm defender of the free market and has helped curb the bureaucracy … and the overregulation it craves.

But we also experienced some great victories…

We educated and mobilized hundreds of thousands of conservatives and Christians to vote their values … and help shift election outcomes.

With support from you, we were able to reach over 1.5 million people with our Voter Guide…an increase of 7,839% from last year!

We also conducted a geo-targeting campaign that sent targeted videos to the smart phones of people who had attended church in the last 5 weeks. These videos received over 622,000 views on YouTube, Facebook and Google.

Again, this was made possible with financial donations from supporters like you.

But to win in 2020, we must do much, much better.

The 2020 election cycle is approaching quickly. The outcome of this election will have impact on your future for years – even decades – to come.

Radically progressive organizations such as Organizing for Action are already organizing and mobilizing volunteers in masse for the presidential election.

Using high-level strategies and targeting, they are working hard to shift people’s perspectives on key issues, such as:

  • socialism
  • right to life
  • the Israeli – Palestinian conflict
  • global warming
  • … and more


Conservative groups and conservative politicians have been behind for too long in their marketing and messaging strategies.

Now is the time to rise take action.

Now is the time to mobilize millions of voters to elect candidates who will take a stand for:

The free market, business growth and job creation

First Amendment rights

Religious liberty and protection for the persecuted church


The right to life

And more…


You could be a significant partner in changing the game for the 2020 election.

You could help transform our political and cultural atmosphere.

You could help defend and uphold freedom, the Constitution and religious liberty in America.

We desperately need people like you to rise up as a voice, loud and clear, for America right now.

Would you consider contributing $10 or more to  help shift the conscience of our nation?

For just $10, you could help us educate 670 people on how to vote their values.

For just $20, you could expose one dangerous judicial candidate via targeted research.

For $100, you could help us run an expansive Facebook campaign to help us drain the swamp and distribute our critical, pro-freedom, pro-family voter guide.

And for $1,000, you could put a conservative judicial candidate in the top two on the ballot and help change politics in our nation.

One of our greatest needs now is $5,000 for “geofencing,” to perfect our strategy and be ready for 2020.

Please help in any way you can. We can’t see change take place without you.

CLICK HERE to make a donation to Help Turn America Around.

Or, you can mail your check to:


Election Forum

Attn: Craig Huey

21171 S. Western Ave. Suite #260

Torrance, CA 90501


The Election Forum/Reality Alert is supported entirely by voluntary contributions from people like you. We are not sustained by any political or special interest groups, and accept no advertising. Our mission and operation budgets are underwritten in total by your donations. Thank you in advance.


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  1. I strongly believe that voter fraud is the reason for many conservative candidates loss. How can this be prevented? On the counts of provisional ballots there must be a large number of people involved. Why doesn’t someone come forward to report this? When the discrepancies are seen why is nothing done about it?

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