Mike Lindell of My Pillow Says “I Am Not Backing Down” to Those Who Are Censoring Him and Trying to Force Him into Bankruptcy: 5 Disturbing Things You Should Know [Video]

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Let me tell you about 5 disturbing things you should know about Mike Lindell of My Pillow:

1. Who is Mike Lindell?

He had a dream to build a better pillow … and after years of research, setbacks and not making money – his My Pillow took America by storm. He’s one of the American dream stories. (I wrote about him here, “My Pillow Business Owner: Viciously Attacked but Still Proclaims Truth and Light without Fear [Videos]”).

My household has several and it’s been one of America’s great success stories of selling the product directly to the consumer, and then because of huge demand, retail stores picking it up.

Over 41 million My Pillows have been sold.

2. Mike Lindell is a conservative and a Christian.

These are two negatives that have gotten him in trouble.

Mike has been courageous and bold in speaking out about controversial subjects:

  • Politics – He has been a supporter of Donald Trump, conservative causes and candidates.
  • Faith – He has been courageous and bold talking about his Christian faith.
  • Religious Freedom – He speaks out in support of religious freedom at a time when it’s under severe attack.
  • Faith-based social services – He openly supports Christian groups – especially those fighting drug and alcohol addictions.

3. Mike Lindell is being censored.

Because Mike believes that there was voter fraud in the 2020 election and was willing to say so, he has been censored by Twitter.

But the voter fraud issue is just a pretext.

He is being censored because he doesn’t believe in the corporate state. He doesn’t believe in collectivism and statism. He doesn’t believe in a government so big it can take away your freedom.

And he believes we should investigate voter fraud.

Facebook has shut him down.

Other platforms have shut him down.

4. Mike Lindell is a victim of an organized and well-coordinated campaign.

A well-organized campaign has been launched against him to ask radio, TV and digital advertising companies to remove his advertisements for his business.

A massive campaign urged people to write the President, Board of Directors and other corporate executives at stores such as Bed Bath and Beyond, Kroger, and Kohl’s. They have stopped carrying My Pillow.


Because he is politically conservative and not silent.

Because he is a Christian and not silent.

They want to force Mike Lindell into bankruptcy. They are trying to shut him down.

5. This type of attack on ideas is wrong and unAmerican.

America was founded upon freedom of speech and freedom of expression.

You don’t have to be a Republican or a Democrat.

You don’t have to be a conservative or libertarian or a Christian.

You don’t have to be someone who agrees with any political point of view. What is necessary is that we protect all ideas because a government that’s big enough to stop one idea, is big enough to stop your idea.

And now the mighty arm of the government in collusion with Big Tech, in collusion with the media, and empowered by a trained army of political activists using digital marketing is trying to change America into a socialist or communist  state where only the official party line is acceptable.

This is dangerous. This is wrong.

We saw a boycott of evangelical clothes and shoes.

We have seen boycotts of other conservative or Christian companies.

But they usually fizzle.

Socialist Democrats like a great pillow.

Conservatives like Soviet-owned Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. We should all respect free speech.

Mike says, “I will not back down” in the video.

Like Mike, you and I cannot back down.

Like Mike, I encourage you to speak up and defend our freedom of speech.

Silence means we give up and the socialists win.

What can you do?

First, buy My Pillow. Here is the number: 1-800-544-8939.

Second, send Mike Lindell an e-mail. Tell him you are supporting and praying for him.

Third, write to Kroger, Bed Bath and Beyond, and Kohl’s and tell them you disagree with their policy and as a customer, you will not be shopping with them anymore if they censor people.

Click HERE to contribute to our Turn America Around fund where we are devoting our efforts to protecting people like Mike Lindell and others who are under assault right now, for exercising their freedom of speech.

You can also call 1-866-382-2226 or send a check to:

Turn America Around Fund
2817 West End Avenue, Suite 126 #488
Nashville, TN 37203

What do you think? Email me at craig@craighuey.com.

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  1. Yesterday, February 5, Mike published his documentary on Rumble. It’s very long but very informative. I would recommend sharing it on Facebook etc. so that more people can see what happened. I posted it yesterday, then today FB put a label over it saying “This photo may be sexually suggestive or show partial nudity” but the video contains no such thing. It’s FBs attempt to embarrass the poster and potential viewers from viewing it. It’s interesting that FB did put a label on it saying that this information has been previously debunked as they normally do. Here’s a link to the video. https://rumble.com/vdlcsb-absolute-proof-mike-lindell-shows-the-world-the-overwhelming-proof-of-elect.html

  2. How about 70 million people just stop purchasing from Kroger/ Ralph’s, Bed Bath and Beyond and Kohl’s? I know I won’t be using my Kohls card anytime soon! People, especially Christians, need to stand up to these commercial fascist bullies and let them know they can’t get away with this sort of behavior in our country!

    1. Yes David I believe you are right! We need to fight this thing from within. Maybe a list of all companies that support these radical ideas and making it widely available to Christian/ Right wing people so we can write letters and boycott and take action. We need guidance as to how we can stop this run away train of lies and anti-American ideas. I am with you on not using my Kohl’s card, drinking Coke products and I have been emailing and contacting my representatives. Anyone have any other ideas?

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