Advanced Marketing Boot Camp to Help You Transform Our Culture and Politics

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I’ll be giving a free advanced marketing boot camp to help train organizational presidents and marketing directors, candidates and pastors.

It’s similar to what I charge $5,000 to $10,000 for corporate clients.

But instead of focusing on business, the emphasis will be on how to better communicate, mobilize and engage our culture and politics. You will learn what the progressive left is doing … but learn how to do it better.

The entire agenda is below.

It will be held from 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., Wednesday, Jan. 24 in my Torrance offices.

Seating is limited.

To reserve your place, call 310-212-5727 and ask for Nathan.

Here is the Transforming America Advanced Boot Camp Agenda:

  1. Why the Left Wins, and We Don’t
  2. Vision
  3. Messaging
  4. Strategy
  5. Tactics
  6. Persistence
  7. #1 Key to Success
  8. How a Small Minority Wins Big
  9. The Message
  10. Microtargeting
  11. Database
  12. How Trump Won
  13. Against all odds
  14. The Surprise
  15. Character vs. Issue
  16. Cash
  17. Key: Branding & Positioning
  18. Trump
  19. The Left
  20. Resist – How They Do it
  21. Wording
  22. Strategy & Tactics
  23. Indivisible
  24. The Evangelical Miracle
  25. Mobilizing the Church
  26. Pastors
  27. Church Members
  28. How the Left Wins Time after Time: Transforming the Culture
  29. What is the #1 blunder organizations make?
  30. What is scientific advertising?
  31. Anti-Marketing Madness: Revised Website Strategy
  32. Landing Page
  33. Raising Donations
  34. New Breakthroughs in Stopping Cart Abandonment
  35. Remarketing/Retargeting
  36. Google
  37. Facebook
  38. What should we be doing?
  39. Facebook Targeting
  40. Hillary vs. Trump
  41. What should we be doing?
  42.   Banner Ads
  43. What should we be doing?
  44. Videolog: The Powerful Merging of Video and Direct Mail
  45. Pre-Roll
  46. What should we be doing?
  47. The Digital Video Explosion
  48. Viral Driven
  49. Media Driven
  50. Hot/Unique/Powerful
  51. What should we be doing?
  52. Death of Cable TV
  53. Hillary vs. Trump
  54. What should we be doing?
  55. Google TrueView & Pre-Rolls
  56. Cable
  57. What should we be doing?
  58. The Rules of Email are Changing
  59. Hillary vs. Trump
  60. The Left –examples
  61. What should we be doing?
  62. Profiling, Pursuit & Database building
  63. What should we be doing?
  64. Direct Mail Resurgence
  65. Newsalog
  66. Magalog
  67. Envelope
  68. Informed Delivery
  69. Direct Mail Remarketing
  70. Mobile Marketing
  71. Texting: Trump vs. Hillary
  72. What should we be doing?
  73. Native Advertising Boom
  74. What should we be doing?
  75. Radio Strategies
  76. Radio Programs
  77. What should we be doing?
  78. The New Integrated Marketing
  79. What should we be doing?
  80. Look-a-like Audiences
  81. Direct Mail
  82. Google
  83. Facebook
  84. Pre-Roll
  85. What should we be doing?
  86. Speeches / Churches / Interviews
  87. What should we be doing?
  88. Exhibit Marketing
  89. What should we be doing?
  90. Using Copy that Sells
  91. What should we be doing?
  92. Key to Success – the Offer
  93. What should we be doing?
  94. The New Credibility
  95. What should we be doing?
  96. New Digital Marketing Breakthroughs


Looking forward to hearing from you. Tell me what you think at

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  1. Interesting. I do need training to better communicate and persuade people that my educational game changing solution is needed in every high and middle public school. Elected officials are all bought and paid for by the left. Our main challenge is not getting hundreds of people engaged in our political process. Our main challenge is reversing the globalist agenda of their indoctrination of millions and millions of middle & high school students who have been dumbed down by leftist progressive teachers into believing we have a democracy and do not want to get engaged in knowing about America’s founding principles. Please talk about that critical subject. I can email you my 3 page solution. I have a full time job, so unable to go up to Torrance. Would you hold weekend classes in San Diego? Lee – cell- 619-218-5014

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