Mandating Vaccines: What to Do if You Want to Legally Opt-Out For School or Business of Forced Vaccinations [My Interview with Attorney Brad Dacus]

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I recently sat down and discussed forced COVID-19 vaccinations and how people are legally opting out with attorney Brad Dacus of the Pacific Justice Institute.

Brad Dacus is the head of an organization that has been a warrior in defending liberty and rights including being at the forefront of opening the churches when they have been unconstitutionally closed.

Today, millions of dollars and one-sided propaganda is being spent to promote COVID-19 vaccinations – even to children.

And people are now being pressured to prove that they have received the vaccine to go to school or work – even if it is against their will.

Some don’t want the vaccines because of the dangers of taking it if they already had COVID-19.

Others don’t want it because it’s an experimental and unapproved drug by the FDA – no long-term evidence of safety.

Others don’t want it because of their convictions against pharmaceutical drugs and beliefs in natural therapies.

And others religious, health or many other reasons.

Sen. Rand Paul, just like many of other medical doctors, believes the science and data says if you already had COVID, then your health is in danger if you receive the vaccination.

For those individuals that have received the vaccine and have already had COVID, they actually have a greater risk of experiencing medical reactions to the vaccine.

The Cleveland Clinic just released a study that found those people that have already had COVID have greater antibody protection than those that have received the vaccine.

The Pacific Justice Institute has a great resource dealing with the vaccine mandate that empowers people to know what their rights are and how to legally opt out.

This resource is free on their website that you can find HERE. You can download the resource by clicking HERE.

I encourage you to get it and to learn the way that you can legally opt-out of the vaccination – even if your employer or school is demanding it.

Here are some examples:

If you had COVID-19 and are in a situation where you are being pressured to get the vaccine by your employer or school and you have had COVID-19, it is recommended that you do the following: You can get an antibody test and a letter from the doctor.

This letter can state that it is recommended that you not receive the vaccine due to potential “medical reactions” that can take place – then you can take this letter back to your employer or school.

This will increase the potential liability on an employer if they are still mandating that an employee is vaccinated.

Also under the American Disabilities Act you can get a medical exemption and get a doctor’s opinion from another state (outside of California) – then you can make a claim under the ADA.

This act is extremely broad and the Pacific Justice Institute helps people from all over the country handle this issue.

The doctor: Frontline doctors is a great resource for individuals to get a letter from a doctor if you have never had COVID-19.

And another defense is your religious beliefs. In the past the Supreme Court did not give a lot of weight to this.

But thanks to Trump’s appointments that were critical to religious freedom, we now have a new Supreme Court.

The Pacific Justice Institute believes the Supreme Court will look at a better way to cover religious convictions when it comes to the vaccines, especially if there is herd immunity.

And what about kids?

Statistically children are more likely to die from the flu than COVID – yet there is a push for colleges to mandate the vaccination for every student.

The Biden administration and the health and school establishment is pushing the issue of vaccinations onto kids.

Yet parents should be very concerned of having their children receive it.

The Pacific Justice has a great plan for parents on their website.

Click HERE to listen to the first portion of the interview with Brad Dacus.

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  1. In reacting to the Public Common Good as expressed by legislators, their actions have to be matched against the Private Common Good. These are the inherent rights of man. In its simplest form, it is to do unto others as others would do unto you. This is found in the French Declaration of the Rights of Man expanded to the 1795 French Constitution of the Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Duties of the Citizen. The California Governor chose to order the world to use a mask and then in a private party went maskless. Our Bill of Rights as amendments to our Constitution describe these liberties and freedoms. Add the moral codes of religion and you find a panoply of guidelines to test the Public Common Good. Does thou shall not kill or murder cover our private code on abortion.

    1. One would argue, utilizing a Fourth Amendment unlawful search and seizure by injecting the vaccination We do not know the long-term effects of this body invasion One would want a signed order affirmed by an oath to allow an unwanted vaccination. I would think that the Fourth Amendment to the constitution is appropriate in barring the entry of an unproven vaccine to the body. I would think this is the way to go as an example of the private inherent common good.
      This is not a duplicate.

  2. I am 70 years old, of good health and I am in fear of this vaccine> My twin brother received it and had a massive stroke. My mother who is still alive at 96 was made to take it has has 2 strokes and many tia’s. My granddaughter 26 had it because she is a Vet tech, and a very bad reactions. We all have autoIumme diaseases and I from the very start have felt the Lord saying to me not to take it. But I dont know how to prove that I cant take it. My Dr. agrees with me but will not give me any documentation. So I do not know what to do

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