Major Setback: Pro-Abortionists Win Big in First Election Test — 5 Things You Should Know

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Pro-lifers lost big… really big.

In the first popular election on abortion since the Supreme Court’s ruling, pro-abortionists won a huge victory in Kansas.

The Kansas Supreme Court ruled that the state constitution grants a “right” to abortion.

In a landslide defeat, Kansas voters voted against a state constitutional amendment that would have ended abortions in the state.

The constitutional amendment was drafted in response to a decision by the Kansas Supreme Court, that the right to “bodily autonomy” in the state’s Bill of Rights gives women the right to terminate a pregnancy.

Pro-Lifers put “Value Them Both” on the ballot to allow for abortion restrictions.

It lost big — by 63% to 37% margin.

Here are 5 things you should know.

1. The Church in Kansas was silent, passive, and ignored theissue.The pastors of most Kansas churches turned their back on the issue.

The Christians in most churches didn’t volunteer their time to win, didn’t donate, and didn’t pray… They didn’t even vote.

The Church in Kansas failed. They turned their back on the unborn.

But this can be turned around – see Political Marketing Breakthrough Success: 7 Advanced Strategies to Winning an Election.

2. The marketing by Get Out the Vote pro-abortion groups was excellent, but the pro-lifers did their marketing and politics as if it were 20 years ago.

As I’ve said before, (see Political Marketing Breakthrough Success: 7 Advanced Strategies to Winning an Election again), the socialist radicals leave the Christians, Conservatives, Libertarians, and the Republicans in the dust.

They are organized and using advanced marketing in their strategies. We are not.

The well-organized pro-abortion campaign collected the data on who was pro-abortion and against the amendment.

Despite temperatures in the 90s, Kansas voters flocked to the polls resulting in the largest turnout for a primary election in years, maybe in Kansas history. Over 50%!

By election day, 271,438 early voting ballots already had been cast, a significant increase in early voting from the past midterm, primary, when 89,449 Kansans voted early.

Why the big turnout?

The left got the data, and they got the data mobilized to vote and to the polls.

From this data they made sure they were registered to vote.

Then they developed and organized a powerful Get Out the Vote campaign to the identifiable pro-abortion supporter.

The pro-lifers, on the other hand, did not know how to collect data, identify their supporters, and how to get out the vote.

They ran old fashioned TV ads, radio ads, and post card mailings – like 30 years ago.

They tried to rely on past Republican votes for data – bad idea.

It’s not what pro-abortionists did with the Democrats. Indeed, they mined data of Democrats, Independents and Republicans to find the motivated voter increasing dramatically the turnout for their side.

Incidentally, 20% of Republicans voted for abortion.

Anytime, in any state, the pro-lifers don’t know how to collect data of identifiable supporters and organize then register then get them to the polls (GOTV), they will lose (see Political Marketing Breakthrough Success: 7 Advanced Strategies to Winning an Election again).

3. The pro-abortionists use distortion and lies in their marketing and advertising – No surprise!

The media and advertising by the pro-abortionists did distort the facts, which is to be expected because it was an election. Politics is dirty.

But in this case, it was a messaging campaign used by the pro-abortionists in all states, who learn from each other and employ these strategies with precision.

For example, the media and ads magnified rare occurrences where pregnant women didn’t receive proper medical care, which were mostly due to misunderstandings by doctors, not because of any pro-life laws.

Pro-lifers must get their messaging right.

4. A pro-life initiative can win — even in blue states.

Pro-lifers can win!

Despite this loss, pro-life has had winners in past direct elections.

Pro-lifers have stopped abortions through Medicaid programs in Arkansas, Colorado, and West Virginia.

And pro-life laws giving parents the right to be involved in abortion decisions have taken root in states like Alaska, Florida, and Montana.

Pro-life laws can win. Since the Supreme Court ruling many state-level laws have taken effect, in fact Pro-life laws should be in effect in 26 states. These laws will save thousands of unborn and preborn children.

5. The next big election is in California

Pro-lifers in California are trying to stop unlimited abortions put into the California Constitution.

Indeed, the initiative is as radical as the Democratic led bill in New York, where it’s questionable that you can even save the life of a baby surviving an abortion.

It’s an initiative that allows, even on the day of birth, a baby to be killed—Absolutely horrific.

But to win, pro-lifers must do things right.

If Californian pro-lifers gather the data of pro-lifers with modern marketing tools, including petitions, polls, text, phone and more, and then as an organized effort have a Get Out the Vote (GOTV) campaign, they will win.

They don’t need more money than the operation. They need to spend it wisely.

Part of this is mobilizing the evangelical community. With the Christian vote, we can defeat the initiative and save lives.

And… If the Pastors won’t help, pro-lifers, churches and target evangelicals will be key to winning (see Geofencing: The Surprising Marketing Breakthrough to Unlocking More Leads, Sales And Profits)

Pro-lifers can win. But if they do the same failed campaign tactics and campaign consulting like the past 30 years, they will fail.

Note: If you would like to help defeat the initiative in California, we are working on a powerful digital and geofencing campaign to save lives in California. Please donate to our Turn America Around Fund, as we begin our campaign to defeat this in time for the November race. To donate, click HERE.

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  1. How does one change a sick world. ? In My 83 years I have seen a lot of change. We now live in a “Me ,MYSELF AND I WORLD” Not By GOD’S LAWS. There is still right from wrong. GOD HAS CONTROL…

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